Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letters to my daughter: Month 17 & 18

Dear Ellie,

Today you are 18 months old!! A year and a half!! Wow!! And the only reason I am posting this on time is because I finally got smart and scheduled it ahead of time :) Not that it even matters.

Sweet girl, I think including pictures in these letters is a must do from now on because they tell the story of where we are at! Baby, I am in love with you! This has been the case from the moment I read that pregnancy test in May 2009 but my love grows EVERY single day!! You are my favorite tiny person! You always have me laughing :)

At this age, you are constantly amazing me and catching me off guard with the things you do and learn each day! Currently, you are OBESSED with rocks, sticks, dirt, bugs, did I say rocks?!?! It's cute! You are most definitely your daddy's daughter when it comes to rocks! He collects them too :) You LOVE to be outside, aren't at all afraid to get dirty, inspect bugs, hold lady bugs, dig in the dirt, and just explore! We love this about you :) That spot below in the picture on the walkway up to our house is your special spot, you know you are not allowed to go down the stairs there but you get to the very furthest part allowed and plant your self there to play!
This photo below I think so accurately sums up your sweet little personality when we're together. I do notice when you are around others you tend to be quieter and very observant but when you are with us or someone you know well, you are a funny little ham! This is one of my most favorite pictures of you! I also love those curls making their appearance!
Just this week, I decided to see what you would think of crayons and coloring and I'd say it's a hit! As long as I keep them out of your mouth, tiny taste tester!! I've discovered a few bite marks in a few!! I really do think you are going to be right handed, since you consistently color and hold a fork with your right, but I guess time will tell.
Speaking of your eating, you make us proud in that department. And thankful!! You are not picky at all and pretty much could eat all day! Sometimes you do!! Your favorites at this age are multigrain crackers, watermelon, grapes, berries, scrambled eggs, pasta, pickles, raw carrots, and olives to name a few. Pretty much everything is a favorite :) But I think you would eat a whole package of blueberries in one sitting if we let you! Also, anything you can eat with your fork you especially love! Even if it doesn't need a fork to be eaten :)

In the last 2 months we've gotten to make lots more summer memories: We had a fun fourth of july (that's the picture of you with your dad), we took a road trip to California and camped with your Grandma Lida, Great Grandparents, 2 Great Aunts, 3 cousins and 3 second cousins at a special lake campground I grew up going to, we also camped at the church family camp with your Miller Grandparents and cousin Garrett, we took another day trip to the beach to play in the sand!, we played at the splash pad with your buddy Carter, you got to meet Tristan and your "Auntie" Chare! and we have all around just enjoyed our days filling them with little joys and adventures!
Some other facts about you right now:
-You totally have a special bed time routine that goes like this when it's time: you give Daddy a kiss goodnight, then he asks you for a 2nd one! always!, then you will walk into your room followed by me, you shut the door and you push the button to turn on your white noise machine and then you climb into the rocking chair where I then pick you up and settle you on my lap to nurse for a few minutes and then when you are done, you pop your little head up and say "all done" and then point to your crib!! It is so cute! Melts my heart every time! My part of the routine, that you don't see is later on every night before I go to bed, I go into your room to turn on the monitor, adjust your blankets, and just watch you for a few minutes. It completes my day and I love love love to watch you sleep! (sometimes I re-adjust you when you feet are sticking straight out of your crib! you sure do find some funny sleeping positions sometimes)

-Your teeth count is at 12 with 3 more starting to poke through. You are a serious trooper when it comes to teething!

-You hair is getting longer and has some curl!! and you will actually request us to put it in a pony or 2 pigtails! I LOVE this!! Can't wait until you have even more for me to play with :)

-New words are: Diaper (diapuh!), Ellie, Carter, blueberry, ladybug, and as of yesterday, your Grandma Miller has taught you to say purple and blue! We are proud of you girlie!

-Still very into reading! Especially books with flaps to lift and turn! Also you are really good at pointing to a lot of things we ask you to find in the books :)

Well, sweet girl, I think that is it for now. Let me just tell you that you have made my life rich! You bless me each and every day! Even in the hard and frustrating moments of parenting (and trust me, they are there!) I still am overwhelmed by the joy and honor I have of being your mama. I love you with all my heart and soul! I am so thankful God has given me the privilege to be your mom. It amazes me and so do you!