Monday, February 27, 2012

Look Whoooo Turned TWO! {Ellie's Owl Birthday Party!}

The Birthday girl in her special birthday shirt!

{found here}
The inside:: we requested books for Ellie's "library"!

The "bird food"...

"Dirt and worms"aka Oreo pudding and gummi-worms! yum!

More treats! Thank you Pinterest!  
paper circles and my sewing machine = easy decor!
Made with paper lanterns! Now a fun addition to Ellie's room!

Gotta get a picture with our girly EVERY year on her birthday! This a tradition for sure!

Click here for last years picture to see how she's grown!

Printed extra owls and hand-wrote the letters to make a banner!
Do you spot our little "owl" perched up there?

Time to dig in! She went straight for the eyes! Mmmm!
After that bite, she was done! :) (works for us!)

I promise there were guests at her party too! Including (for my own memory) 2 sets of Grandparents, 1.5 sets of Great-Grandparents, 3 Aunties, 2 Uncles, 1 soon-to-be Uncle in Law, 1 cousin, 1 2nd cousin, 2 Great Aunts, 2 Great Uncles, and 4 family friends! 
Our house was FULL! 

Our girl is much loved! 

What a great day celebrating our sweet "Twoooo" year old! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

**whoops! This was scheduled to post yesterday but somehow it didn't **

Dear Ellie-girl,

Today you are TWO! 
The past two years of our lives with you have been the best!
Thank you for being YOU!

I chose some pictures below that capture some of the things I love most about you!

Your classic kid behavior! and way to make all things fun!

That you LOVE to brush your teeth and be silly together!

Your independent, "do it" yourself attitude and spirit (and your cute booty!)

Your joy!

      Your "hiding spots"! 

just getting to observe all moments

and every single day I get to spend with you and the countless blessings you have brought into my life!

I love you so much my sweet little 2 year old!

love, Mama

Friday, February 3, 2012

a little letter just because

Sweet girl, 

Today was a momentous day for this mama. You sat and let me give you your first french braids. they look so cute on you and make you look like such a big girl too!

I can still remember the day a few years ago when I sat braiding your Auntie Grace's hair and your grandma told me, I better have a girl some day so I could do her hair too. Somehow I just knew that would come true.  Ellie June, you mean so much to me and it's all the little things, tiny details, and special moments that make being your mama my very favorite thing.