Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday #5

Sunday: Crock pot soup using leftover Turkey (with garbanzos, black, and kidney beans, tomatoes, chicken broth, garlic, and onion-just whatever I could think to throw in!) topped with pepperjack cheese OF COURSE!

Monday: Chicken Enchilada Lasagna (Been on my plan for 3 weeks now and I still haven't gotten to make it! Tonights the night!)

Tuesday: Leftovers, leftovers!

Wednesday: Shepards Pie using more Thanksgiving leftovers like mashed potatoes and green beans, etc.)

Thursday: Spaghetti with meat sauce and Salad (easy!)

Friday: ?? Who knows!!

*Yay for 5 weeks of menu planning! It makes shopping soooo much easier on the wallet, faster and generally more enjoyable!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


30 weeks!
Family Photo!

30 Week letter

Dear Ellie June,

This week you are the size of a Chihuahua! But you are WAY cute and certainly don't have an annoying yippy bark! But it means you are just over 15 inches long and about 3.5 lbs. I also read that now when you are awake, you have your eyes open! wow! You are growing more and more every day girly!

This week was Thanksgiving and we have SO much to be thankful for! I am so thankful for your daddy and you! We both commented how excited we are that at Thanksgiving next year you'll be there too. Last night, we talked about you a lot and just how blessed we are that everything is coming together and how we are not worried at all about anything. We feel such a peace about what's going on in our lives, the decisions we are making, and also what is to come.

We've been consistently practicing our Hypnobabies and each time it really draws us together as a team. I love that it makes your dad feel just as much of a part of all this as I do. I know he loves you so so much! He is so excited to meet you!

This week we also made a BIG decision about where we are going to have you. We are switching from the hospital to a Birth Center that is just out of town in the country. It is beautiful and perfect. It looks just like a bed and breakfast on the inside and out and we are confident that it is the perfect place to have you. It also means we are switching midwives, but now we will just have one we meet with everytime vs. 5 at the the other place we were using and you never knew who you would get, even for the birth!

For the next 5 weeks, I start going to appointments every other week and then after that, I will go every week. Wow! It's really getting close! I think we are having you at the perfect time for so many reasons! All these holidays are making the weeks fly by!

Since we spent time with so much family this week, a lot of people were asking about you and how I was feeling. Your dad and I just couldn't stop gushing and beaming over it, really! I have been feeling SO great and I truly love being pregnant and he loves it too! We are just really soaking up all this special time has to offer and thankful for all that we have. When people tell me I have that pregnant "glow" I believe them because I feel it inside too! You make me glow with love and joy my little lady! You really do!

I love you with all my heart!



Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Menu Plan Monday #4 (on Tuesday!)

This week I gotta say I have it pretty easy with Thanksgiving!

Monday: Veggie Pizza (we never had it last week)

Tuesday: Thanksgiving Dinner #1 with the Youth Group

Wednesday: Kari's Chicken Enchilada Lasagna (we never had it last week)

Thursday: Thanksgiving Dinner #2

Friday: Leftovers!!! Oooohh I can't wait :)

Saturday: Date in Portland with my love!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week 29 letter

Dear Loaf of Bread length Ellie,

You are about 15.5 inches this week and approximately 3 pounds now. I promise, if I continue these weekly letters after your born, I won’t tell you your height and weight in them anymore. Just maybe in the letters where I write about your doctors appointments- it seems like that’s just what moms do!

Baby girl, you continue to amaze me! Feeling you move all around is the neatest feeling ever. It has changed in the last few weeks from faster movements to slower rolls and probably stretches! I’m guessing it’s because you have less and less room in there with all the growing you are doing.

This past weekend, we went to our first *Hypnobabies class. It was so great! I was very curious about what it would be like and maybe a little worried that your daddy would be skeptical, but we both enjoyed it so much. We have learned a lot already and are excited for the next 5 weeks, and really beyond that because we will continue to practice it even after the class ends up until you are born. The class comes with daily homework, stuff for your daddy to read to me and then things for me to do on my own. It is neat to know that each and every day/night, I will be doing something in preparation for you. And every part of it is calming and relaxing, what a treat!

We also on a whim decided to check out a store in town that sells used baby stuff. We were so amazed at just how much they had to offer there! And how cute so much of it was! We (or maybe more me!) had to restrain ourselves from making a few purchases, but just could not leave without buying you a teensy little swimsuit for next summer We both fell in love with it! It is white and has little cherries all over it and a little skirt. Your daddy commented he liked it because it was modest! Spoken like a true father of a daughter! I’m sure he’ll be wanting to approve your swimwear for the next 18 years, and I love him for it!!

Something I am seeing so much lately is just how much God is providing for you and us in this time! It is such a blessing and neat assurance. Knowing that our Heavenly Father has everything worked out and a perfect plan is such a great feeling of freedom. Just today, a friend of ours from church who is also the guy that built our kitchen cabinets, told me he has a tradition of blessing families in the church with a custom made changing table for their nurseries! I was just amazed at this generous gift and even more so because it is the one piece of furniture we were lacking! Everything else we needed has been given to us already. I was just going to use the long counter in our bathroom since the bathroom is connected to your room, but now we will have a changing table handmade! especially for you!!

I hope as you read through these letters one day and we tell you about this time, that God being in the midst of all this is something that you can’t help but see. That you will be drawn closer to Him, just knowing that He was a part of your life before you were even born. That it is Him who created you and loved you even before you ever came into our lives. We love you because He first loved us!

and girlie, let me tell you......You are SO loved!



*For our friends and family members who read this blog, if you would like to know more about Hypnobabies, please check out this link. It explains A LOT about the program! We are very confident in this program and excited to put it to use!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday #3

Mon: Spaghetti with Ground Turkey Breast meat sauce, garlic bread, and green beans

Tues: Youth Group Night=leftovers!

Wed: Grilled Burritos a' la' the George Forman!

Thurs: Homemade Veggie Pizza and Salad

Fri: Kari's Easy Enchilada Lasagna! (at least I think it's Kari's recipe!)

P.S. By the time I post Menu Plan Monday #14, Ellie should be almost here!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nursery and bedding inspirations....

I found this cute fabric on might just become some of the bedding and the colors we do the room it!

Fabric # 2 could make for a cute crib sheet!
Fabric #3...I'm thinking curtains and bedskirt!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Registry @

I found a neat site that can combine our baby registry wants from mulitple places into a one stop shop! It shows what we want and then when you clickon the item it will take you directly to the place to order (the individual's site). It is called This sort of thing would be great for Christmas lists too :)

This is great because so far the carseat/stroller we want is from Sears, one of the babycarriers I want is from, and I'm sure the majority of other things will be from Target or Babies-R-Us. But this way, friends and family can see it all in one simple place!

Here's a link to our registry for the little lady! But it's also on the sidebar of the blog! know, just in case ;)

Week 28 letter

Dear Ellie,

This week you are the length of a churro (about 15 in.) and weigh about 2.5 lbs. This week was really special because on Monday, we got to see you!! We had another ultrasound, a 3D-4D one and it really showed what you are looking like! I was just so in awe of your cuteness! I couldn’t stop saying it.

The whole ultrasound experience in itself was great and it definitely came with a set of memorable moments, because of a few things. First, when we went to leave the house, the car would not start at all! So we quickly realized we were going to have to walk to the appointment. Fortunately, it’s about 9 blocks away from our house so we were only a little late. I had to ask your daddy to slow down though cause he was speed walking! Or maybe I am just getting slower?? Probably more of the latter.

Then, once we got to the appt. you had other plans for showing us your face because you were hiding behind both your feet and your hands for the longest time! The tech was shaking, wiggling, and jiggling my belly FOREVER! to try and get you to move, but you must be a little yoga baby because you were perfectly content in your pretzel position.

I was almost ready to give up and tell the tech, it was ok if we didn’t get any of your face, but then you finally revealed it to us! Wow! It really took my love for you to a whole other level getting to see your cute face! And to think it, will be a million times better to see it once you’re outside of me!

Seeing you really made me think about how close it is! This week is the beginning of the 3rd trimester, which means just 12 weeks left! Wow! I am really starting to look forward to working on you room, even though we are still probably a month from being able to do that! I think I am changing my mind on the color of it too, but still figuring all that out!

This weekend, we start our baby classes in Portland for the next 6 Saturdays and also we are going to pick up the cloth diapers we were able to get for you off of craigslist (Thanks Des!!) I am so glad we are going to do cloth and thankful especially for the financial savings! Your Grandma Kathy is helping us out with paying for them too! So it is an even bigger savings to us! Between that and all the baby stuff we are getting from your other Grandparents, including the crib! we are so very blessed.

Well, Ellie girl, time to end this weeks letter. You are so so loved!!



Monday, November 9, 2009

I am officially smitten with this cutie!

Here's Ellie, at 28 weeks. I am loving those chubby cheeks and cute nose!

Menu Plan Monday #2

My menu actually starts on Sunday cause that's when I go grocery shopping. Which means I am also going to review what I made last night.

Sunday: Caulifower Soup (the recipe sounded so tasty!) **This sadly SUCKED for me!! But Matt liked it.....I think my appetite is still off from being sick though.
Also with Salad and good bread!

Monday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salad or maybe another veggie side

Tuesday: Leftovers (cuz' it's youth group night!)

Wednesday: Pasta with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and turkey sausage. (When I told Matt it wouldn't be the normal spaghetti I usually make, he was a bit concerned.....that'll teach me to tell him ahead of time :)

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday: We'll figure that one out when we get there!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Week 27 letter

Dear pot roast sized Ellie girl,

This week you are approx. 14 inches from head to heel and 2 lbs! You are getting bigger each day my little love! I hope your home is nice and cozy in there.

This weeks letter is a little late because I have had a bad cold most of the week, it has had me laid out! It makes me wonder what it will be like when I have you to take care of and I am sick? Because I haven't even wanted to take care of myself with the way I have been feeling but I guess that's when the mama super powers kick in and you do what you gotta do! Your dad has been so sweet to do tons for me and check on me all day, even while not feeling so hot himself! I love him.

I think I have finally felt you hiccuping in there! It took me a while to realize it, but once I figured it out, it's so cute. Also, this week, while in the bath, I got to SEE you move in my belly. It was weird and so awesome! I love getting to feel it all.

There's a lot coming up this next week. On Monday, we get to see you again!! with a 3-D ultrasound, tues/wed one of your future buddies; Jameson is going to be born!, Friday we have another midwife appointment (the sugar test one), and Saturday we start our baby birthing classes that will go for 6 Saturdays! Wow! Oh and also this next week, we move into the 3rd trimester! Only 12 +/- weeks to go from there!! I still have lots to do :)

Baby girl, I love you so much! I can't wait to meet you and hold you in my arms!


your mama

Monday, November 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday #1

Menu planning is something I definitely want to do as a mama and a wife for that matter and with Matt and I cracking down on our budget and spending, I think now is the perfect time to start!

Since this week's grocery budget is now extra small due to a mathematical error on my part (and yes! I get paid to do accounting for my job!) I figured I need to get creative and try to use some of the random things I still have on hand.

One specifically being a good amount of broccoli! So here's my menu for the next 4 days (cause Fri we'll wing it since we have a BABY class at the hospital!)

Mon: Homemade Broccoli/Cheddar Soup with leftover cornbread

Tue/Wed: Crock Pot Beef Stew and Salad (cause a crock pot dinner makes enough for 2 nights at least!)

Thur: Mexi-Skillet (basically ground beef, noodles, corn, cheese, salsa!) and Salad

Yay for cooking!

Here's a link to the site where I got the idea!