Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Week 29 letter

Dear Loaf of Bread length Ellie,

You are about 15.5 inches this week and approximately 3 pounds now. I promise, if I continue these weekly letters after your born, I won’t tell you your height and weight in them anymore. Just maybe in the letters where I write about your doctors appointments- it seems like that’s just what moms do!

Baby girl, you continue to amaze me! Feeling you move all around is the neatest feeling ever. It has changed in the last few weeks from faster movements to slower rolls and probably stretches! I’m guessing it’s because you have less and less room in there with all the growing you are doing.

This past weekend, we went to our first *Hypnobabies class. It was so great! I was very curious about what it would be like and maybe a little worried that your daddy would be skeptical, but we both enjoyed it so much. We have learned a lot already and are excited for the next 5 weeks, and really beyond that because we will continue to practice it even after the class ends up until you are born. The class comes with daily homework, stuff for your daddy to read to me and then things for me to do on my own. It is neat to know that each and every day/night, I will be doing something in preparation for you. And every part of it is calming and relaxing, what a treat!

We also on a whim decided to check out a store in town that sells used baby stuff. We were so amazed at just how much they had to offer there! And how cute so much of it was! We (or maybe more me!) had to restrain ourselves from making a few purchases, but just could not leave without buying you a teensy little swimsuit for next summer We both fell in love with it! It is white and has little cherries all over it and a little skirt. Your daddy commented he liked it because it was modest! Spoken like a true father of a daughter! I’m sure he’ll be wanting to approve your swimwear for the next 18 years, and I love him for it!!

Something I am seeing so much lately is just how much God is providing for you and us in this time! It is such a blessing and neat assurance. Knowing that our Heavenly Father has everything worked out and a perfect plan is such a great feeling of freedom. Just today, a friend of ours from church who is also the guy that built our kitchen cabinets, told me he has a tradition of blessing families in the church with a custom made changing table for their nurseries! I was just amazed at this generous gift and even more so because it is the one piece of furniture we were lacking! Everything else we needed has been given to us already. I was just going to use the long counter in our bathroom since the bathroom is connected to your room, but now we will have a changing table handmade! especially for you!!

I hope as you read through these letters one day and we tell you about this time, that God being in the midst of all this is something that you can’t help but see. That you will be drawn closer to Him, just knowing that He was a part of your life before you were even born. That it is Him who created you and loved you even before you ever came into our lives. We love you because He first loved us!

and girlie, let me tell you......You are SO loved!



*For our friends and family members who read this blog, if you would like to know more about Hypnobabies, please check out this link. It explains A LOT about the program! We are very confident in this program and excited to put it to use!

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