Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 28 letter

Dear Ellie,

This week you are the length of a churro (about 15 in.) and weigh about 2.5 lbs. This week was really special because on Monday, we got to see you!! We had another ultrasound, a 3D-4D one and it really showed what you are looking like! I was just so in awe of your cuteness! I couldn’t stop saying it.

The whole ultrasound experience in itself was great and it definitely came with a set of memorable moments, because of a few things. First, when we went to leave the house, the car would not start at all! So we quickly realized we were going to have to walk to the appointment. Fortunately, it’s about 9 blocks away from our house so we were only a little late. I had to ask your daddy to slow down though cause he was speed walking! Or maybe I am just getting slower?? Probably more of the latter.

Then, once we got to the appt. you had other plans for showing us your face because you were hiding behind both your feet and your hands for the longest time! The tech was shaking, wiggling, and jiggling my belly FOREVER! to try and get you to move, but you must be a little yoga baby because you were perfectly content in your pretzel position.

I was almost ready to give up and tell the tech, it was ok if we didn’t get any of your face, but then you finally revealed it to us! Wow! It really took my love for you to a whole other level getting to see your cute face! And to think it, will be a million times better to see it once you’re outside of me!

Seeing you really made me think about how close it is! This week is the beginning of the 3rd trimester, which means just 12 weeks left! Wow! I am really starting to look forward to working on you room, even though we are still probably a month from being able to do that! I think I am changing my mind on the color of it too, but still figuring all that out!

This weekend, we start our baby classes in Portland for the next 6 Saturdays and also we are going to pick up the cloth diapers we were able to get for you off of craigslist (Thanks Des!!) I am so glad we are going to do cloth and thankful especially for the financial savings! Your Grandma Kathy is helping us out with paying for them too! So it is an even bigger savings to us! Between that and all the baby stuff we are getting from your other Grandparents, including the crib! we are so very blessed.

Well, Ellie girl, time to end this weeks letter. You are so so loved!!



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