Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things you are ALLOWED to do at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant...

-play Dr. Mario for 2, maybe 3 hours of your Saturday

-have a minor meltdown while assembling the crib

-tie and re-tie the bumpers a few dozen times (so it seemed) until you get the perfect bow

-constantly wash any dishes that go in your sink, just in case tonight's the you can come home to a clean kitchen

-burn the bacon while trying to make your 3rd BLT of the week and set off your smoke alarms and smoke out your whole house (and now you are OVER bacon since your whole house smells of it!)

-throw the bacon in the trash and let your sister treat you to Red Robin instead! (thanks Noel, you are the best!)

-play some more Dr. Mario.....because dang that level 20 that you just cannot beat!! (argh!!)

-SMILE while thinking in just a few more days your life is going to change in AMAZING ways and you won't be blogging about bacon and nintendo anymore :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

then and now

14 weeks

39 weeks!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 39 letter

Dear Ellie,

39 weeks! That means it's almost over.....well, actually it's all about to BEGIN!, but I mean being pregnant is almost over. Having you grow inside me from being the size of "1/2 of a pea" to now the size of a small rabbit (according the internet!).

Honestly, it has been truly amazing, all of it. I feel so lucky and blessed that it was easy and great and continues to be, right up until the very end. These past 9 months have changed me, I can feel it. These past months have brought your dad and my relationship to a whole new level. These past 9 months have brought YOU! It has been nothing short of beautiful to me. (ok, ok I am a sap! Those aren't hormones talking, this is me girly!)

Last night, I laid in bed for a bit, looking up some songs on my ipod to make into a birth mix, mostly worship songs, and I was just able to lay there and reflect. I was overwhelmed in the best way....first by my love for you, but even more so by God's love for me! I hope and pray that you feel this in your own life one day. It is an amazing thing.

This past week, we moved out of your room! This is very exciting for me, since I have been dreaming, planning, and decorating (in my head) your room from the very get go. Also, I love OUR new room....I love the color that your dad picked out all by himself, I love the french doors leading to the back yard and the huge windows that let in lots of light, I especially love seeing your bassinet in there, just waiting to be filled with you!

I think even as I am typing this now, your room is being painted the sweetest shade of pink by your dad. I never thought I would go for so much pink in your room (it's really only the walls though) but it just makes me happy!

I dreamed about you the other night, my love. I haven't been able to picture your face at all these past 9 months, but in my dream I saw it! I still can't describe it with words but it was you! Just the feeling was there, and I knew it was you. You were sleeping so soundly, that in the dream I did the whole "check and make sure you were breathing" thing. I am sure I will have many of those moments so soon in real life.

I am looking forward to those moments of feeling so connected to you as your mom, of protectiveness, love, nurturing, all of it. Of experiencing the moments I didn't even know I was capable of experiencing!

We're about to start a new chapter in this adventure Ellie girl, I know it won't always be sunshine and rainbows, that along the way with all the great stuff, there will be hard days and tears, but without a doubt I know it will all be so so worth it! I am thankful for you, my daughter! And so excited to meet you......soon!



Friday, January 22, 2010

how to turn your posterior babe....

Scrub your bathroom tile floor on your hands and knees.....
using your husband's toothbrush....(optional)......

**just kidding! of course, I would never do that!

But yeah, as of today, Ellie is hanging out posterior, which is also known as "Sunny side up" Not worried about it though, she's active and will most likely move back to anterior....

The midwife did recommend crawling around on my hands and knees, so I figured I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make my floors sparkle!

I also vacumned using the shop vac (hands and knees again!) the carpet and the wiped down the baseboards in what is now Ellie's room, since my wonderful husband moved our stuff out of there today!!! Tonight we sleep in our new bedroom :)

That means we should be painting the girly's room on Sunday or Monday!!! Bring on the pink walls! Finishing up the bumpers tomorrow....and recovered the rocking chair pad tonight. Success!!

Oh it feels so good....I have to say Nesting definitely agrees with this mama to be.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 38 letter

Dear Baby Girl,

We are getting close! Well, *maybe* we are because in all reality, even though that ticker on the right there says 12 days, it could be up to 2 weeks past that....But I do FEEL like your coming soon (whatever soon means!). Soon to me, means sometime in February though....because I do hope you're a February baby, even though ultimately it's not up to me! Time will tell....that's my new favorite phrase of the, your mama is a dork! I know I will have countless oppotunities to prove this to you in the coming years! Ha!

Everyday I am still doing little nesting projects and with the installation of your carseat yesterday, I feel like I am just about done.....with the exception of not even beginning your room! But that's ok, it really still have a nice bassinet to sleep in, we have your changing table in the front room (oh so convenient!), it is stocked with diapers, blankets and burp cloths and a bunch of tiny clothes! Tiny and mostly pink! All smelling so wonderful from being freshly washed in baby detergent. I held some to your daddy's nose and told him to smell (knowing he's never experienced such goodness yet) and he responded ,"why can't we wash OUR clothes in that!" So cute. Speaking of smells, I cannot wait to smell your special perfect baby smell....though I'm sure well have our fair share of not so fresh smells to experience in due time as well!

We are both looking forward to so much! To it ALL really. I feel like I don't really have any expectations of how it will be, just happy, contented anticpation of all that it is to come, if that makes sense! I feel confident that we will figure it all out as we go along. We know that you will be greatly loved and taken care of, and that is really all that matters. We also know we have so many great friends and family supporting us, which is such a blessing!

This past week, I have been trying to picture you but I really can't do it. I am so curious as to what you will look like! Will you have hair? I really doubt it, since both your daddy and were bald, but if the "old wives tale" about heartburn is true, then maybe you could have some? What color could it be? Your daddy and I both had sandy blondish hair when we finally got it, that turned brown as we got older. There is even a possibility it could be red with our genes! Will you have Matt's eyes or mine? Or is it possible for you to have an entirely different eye color? I know we won't know this until a few months down the road. We are pretty sure you'll have my nose after seeing you in the 3D/4D ultrasound, but what about your chin, your ears, your lips? Yup, definitely curious! Regardless of whose ears or chin or hair color you have, this I know.....YOU WILL BE BEAUTIFUL! Not because you are our daughter, but because your are God's daughter!

I know this to be true because of these words:

"For your created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know this full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be." Psalm 139:13-16

How amazing it is to know that our Father in Heaven knew you from the very beginning and created you, created you perfectly and wonderful! He loves you so much! He loves us ALL so much. You are a picture of His love! Know that, little one, and remember it again, when you read these letters down the road. I promise to teach you about and share with you the Father's love in our life together, it has been so amazing in my own life as well.

My sweet Ellie girl, I love you so much!
You are mine....ours....HIS!

love always,

your mama

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To remember...

I want to remember......

-laying on the couch, teasing and snuggling with Matt in the last few weeks

-the day the lint in my dryer suddenly became PINK!

-the generousity of those in my life who have blessed us abundantly in preparation of our sweet girl

-hearing him say, "I think it's going to be so great, the best thing ever!"

-the moves, rolls, pokes, and feelings from within

-the contentment and peace I feel in this moment, waiting in quiet anticipation of these next few weeks...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #9

Having another easy week!

Monday: Fend for yourself night! Sorry Matt! (I have a meeting and he's hanging out with a friend!)

Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (Youth group night....making it quick and easy!)

Wednesday: Meat and Spinach Lasagna, Salad

Thursday: Most likely lasagna leftovers

Friday: Tostadas or Burritos :)

Saturday: Matt's birthday dinner at his parents, he requested they go "buck wild" and order A LOT of Chinese food! to be followed up with the traditional ice cream cake I'm sure!

*So yeah, another easy week but again 38 weeks pregnant makes it ok right!?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Shower #2

Two of my old bosses, Kim and Missy, threw me another shower that I invited family and friends to. It was so cute and sweet! They even matched the cake to the fabric I am using for Ellie's bedding! Again, the girly and I were both so spoiled and blessed!

A beautiful soft blanket and sweater from Sue and Meghan! (Notice my little helper sticking out from behind on the right! so cute!)

Also, from Kim and Missy, a frame and magnetic bulletin board to match Ellie's room :)
This is my friend Jami (also one of my roommates from college) who is due 2 weeks after me! We didn't plan to match so well, but it was the perfect photo opt! We love polka dots!

Such a great day! I also got to have a 1 hour long prenatal massage before the shower from my friend Stephani! What a treat!

Now, just gotta wash and organize all her clothes :) And pack the bags....Matt is very concerned about getting the bags packed :) just in's so cute!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 37 letter

Dear Ellie girl,

Wow! 3 weeks left, give or take some days I'm sure....But I can't believe you are almost here! This is probably what I'll be saying in all my letters until you arrive now. It really is so close and feeling very real that we will be parents soon.

This week, the website I've been using to compare your size to had this to say: "At this point babies vary in size, but the average length is between 19 and 20 inches and most babies weigh approximately 6 pounds. About the size of an average largemouth bass caught in Minnesota by your cousin Earl." Which of course, cracks me up! Last week you were a breadbox and this week you are a fish....and for the record, we don't have any cousins named Earl!

Your dad and I have been having so many nice moments during these last few weeks, from snuggling on the couch, to me reading to him in bed at night (which I so look forward to getting to do with you!!) to working on our projects in different rooms yet taking the time to stop and talk a little and enjoy each others company, it has truly been a great way to spend the time in anticipation of you! I am recommending it to you when you are one day pregnant with your own's a special time!

It looks like this weekend, we will be moved into our new room and out of yours, so then we can do yours! Even tonight, I was sewing your bedding and thinking of you. I think you enjoy the hum of the sewing machine because whenever my foot left the pedal you would give me a kick as if to say,"hey lady! where did my nice white noise go?!" I hope to one day teach you to sew as well, as your Great Grandma Ellouise taught me.

Speaking of Ellouise, that is who you are getting your name from. Your Great Grandpa calls her Ellie from time to time, or Ellie May when he's teasing or flirting with her! And yes, after almost 55 years of marriage, they STILL flirt! I love it. Your middle name is coming from another Great Grandma...Her name was June and she was Matt's grandma, well, she still is, but I say was because she passed away this past summer. Though you will never get to meet her, we will make sure you get to know her through stories and pictures. I can already see your daddy sticking tape on you as game, just like the one he played with his Grandma years ago. A special memory of his.

Family is a huge part of our lives and as we grow ours with the coming of you dear girl, I look forward to all those members becoming a part of your life! You truly are so loved!

With that I'll end this weeks letter, my fish-sized girly. I love you with all my heart!



Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #8

Whoops, somehow I took a few weeks off from this! I blame the holidays :) But getting back on track this week, even though my menu is admittedly pretty pathetic...I mean, EASY :)

Monday: Chare's famous tortilla soup

Tuesday: Leftover Chare's famous tortilla soup

Wednesday: Spaghetti and Salad

Thursday: Spaghetti and Salad (again!)

Friday: date night??

See what I mean.....easy! But I think being 37 weeks pregnant, warrents having an easy meal plan this week.....and Matt loves leftovers!

I'll try to get a little more creative next week.......well, maybe :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Church Baby Shower

Today was baby shower #1 with all my friends from our church! What a huge blessing! Ellie got spoiled with tons of cuteness!
A very special thanks to the fabulous hostesses: Robin, Kari and Des.

They even provided helpers to unwrap the gifts :)

A super cute hand made art print by Jenn Koch
Yummy individual apple crisps
Even the cupcakes were black and white. I love the polka-dots!
The "guess how big my belly is" game! Played by cutting a piece of ribbon to the length you thought it would go around my belly. I still can't believe Des was right on :) Rhonda on the other hand was being very um...optimistic :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 36 letter

Dear little babe,

I can't believe we're in the last month! Time really has flown by these last few months. Lots of things have been keeping your dad and I busy, but we still have lots to do! I've decided at least as of now, I am perfectly content if you come a little late because it will give me a little more time to get things done! (But yes, Internet, I could very well be singing a different tune at 40 weeks!)

Speaking of getting things done, this last week I've definitely been feeling the nesting urge. I think every drawer in our house has been gone through, cleaned out and organized! As well as cleaning out my closet, under our bed, and organizing my craft room. Today I even cleaned the car inside and out, including the door jams, rims, and other little crevices inside that I could reach! Whew! But it feels so good. Still on my list, among just a "few" other things is cleaning all the light fixtures...It's amazing the things you notice that need cleaning (or your actually WILLING to clean) once you have a baby coming...

This week, I find myself constantly peering down and noticing my belly is lopsided! It cracks me up. I can't say you prefer one side or the other to hang out on, but it is funny to see! I also can feel your feet (I think). You're still getting the hiccups and it seems like you are most active during the day, still always after I eat something. This week was also the first time a stranger asked me when I am due, I have been waiting for it to happen for the past few months, but many people hesitate to assume someone is pregnant, as I would too! You never know! It's also funny to people slyly "check out" my belly when they talk to me.

My belly button still has not popped out and I honestly don't think it will. It was too deep to begin with! HA! Physically, I am feeling really good. Your dad and I have been taking some walks and that seems to bring on a few braxton hicks (I think) so that's a good sign as the midwives tell me.

This weekend brings the 1st of 2 showers for us! I am excited. And just feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful ladies in my life! Also tons of mamas to talk to and be there for me as I become yours.

Ellie girl, I am so honored that God chose me to be YOUR mama! I know I haven't even met you yet, but I just feel so lucky and blessed. Sometimes it is just overwhelming, the amount of love I already have for you. I am so excited to meet you! So many people are!

Loving you more with each and every day!


your mama

P.S. This week you are compared to the size of a bread box! 18.5 inches and 6ish pounds, give or take!