Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 36 letter

Dear little babe,

I can't believe we're in the last month! Time really has flown by these last few months. Lots of things have been keeping your dad and I busy, but we still have lots to do! I've decided at least as of now, I am perfectly content if you come a little late because it will give me a little more time to get things done! (But yes, Internet, I could very well be singing a different tune at 40 weeks!)

Speaking of getting things done, this last week I've definitely been feeling the nesting urge. I think every drawer in our house has been gone through, cleaned out and organized! As well as cleaning out my closet, under our bed, and organizing my craft room. Today I even cleaned the car inside and out, including the door jams, rims, and other little crevices inside that I could reach! Whew! But it feels so good. Still on my list, among just a "few" other things is cleaning all the light fixtures...It's amazing the things you notice that need cleaning (or your actually WILLING to clean) once you have a baby coming...

This week, I find myself constantly peering down and noticing my belly is lopsided! It cracks me up. I can't say you prefer one side or the other to hang out on, but it is funny to see! I also can feel your feet (I think). You're still getting the hiccups and it seems like you are most active during the day, still always after I eat something. This week was also the first time a stranger asked me when I am due, I have been waiting for it to happen for the past few months, but many people hesitate to assume someone is pregnant, as I would too! You never know! It's also funny to people slyly "check out" my belly when they talk to me.

My belly button still has not popped out and I honestly don't think it will. It was too deep to begin with! HA! Physically, I am feeling really good. Your dad and I have been taking some walks and that seems to bring on a few braxton hicks (I think) so that's a good sign as the midwives tell me.

This weekend brings the 1st of 2 showers for us! I am excited. And just feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful ladies in my life! Also tons of mamas to talk to and be there for me as I become yours.

Ellie girl, I am so honored that God chose me to be YOUR mama! I know I haven't even met you yet, but I just feel so lucky and blessed. Sometimes it is just overwhelming, the amount of love I already have for you. I am so excited to meet you! So many people are!

Loving you more with each and every day!


your mama

P.S. This week you are compared to the size of a bread box! 18.5 inches and 6ish pounds, give or take!

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