Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week 13 letter

Dear peach-sized babe,

Measuring you in terms of fruit is pretty funny! Each week the highschoolers ask at youth group what fruit you are this week! They get a kick out of it. To be honest, I am not quite sure if the beginning of week 13 marks the end of the 1st trimester or the end of the week, but none the less, I really do feel like my body is moving into the 2nd trimester. I can't believe we're a third of the way through!! I am feeling so much better, not that I was ever feeling miserable, but I can definitely tell my nausea and tiredness are going away.

Now, I think I am beginning to possibly feel something else, and according to what I have read, it could be YOU! Not for sure, but could also be gas :) but there's nothing proving that if you know what I mean either. It's like weird little pressure really quick in my low belly region, mostly on the side the ultrasound check said you were more on. Maybe it's you little one, if so, how neat it is and I am sure as you get bigger it will only get so much more stronger!

Last night I saw your Auntie Grace and Uncle Zach, they are very aware of you being in my belly when I ask them where you are and what I have in my belly. Grace tried to tell me that she had a baby dinosaur in her belly!! She's too cute and I'm sure since you will only be 3 years apart in age, you will be buddies. Especially if you're a girl but even if you're a boy. Zach will be 5 years older than you and I am sure he will make a fun Uncle for you too! I hope you call them Uncle Zach and Auntie Gracie, while you are young, I think it will be so cute and turn a few heads, huh?! But as you get older, I'm sure those prefixes will fall off.....oh to even think of the day when they have their licenses and you want to go do something "cool" with your aunt or uncle! One of my aunts is about 11 years older than me and she was always one of my favorite people to hang out with cause she still seemed like a fun older sister, not like another cousins mom :) That same Aunt will hopefully be starting a family here in the next year which could mean you could have a 2nd cousin? that will be close to your age!

Family is something that has always been a huge part of my life growing up, I have always loved the get togethers! The Talbot side is large and LOUD! (probably where your momma gets her loud talking from!) and then the Linnartz side is still loud but not as much as the Talbots, and then your daddy's side, they are much more quiet and don't get together as often as we would like, but we will spend a lot of time with your Gramma Miller and Grampa Miller at least. Looks like you'll be hanging out with Gramma Miller a couple of days a week as well, which is such a blessing!

Little Peach babe, I am so thankful for you and excited about you. It's only about 6 more weeks until we get to find out if you're a boy or a girl and see you in another ultrasound!! I can't wait for your daddy to be there for that! I can't wait for him to feel you kick too!

I love you little fruit!!



Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 12 letter

Dear babe,

This week you are still being called the size of a plum and you are about 2.5 inches long. This week I had another midwife appt. and we were anticipating hearing your heartbeat but well, you weren't having it! Which of course got me a little freaked out but instead we got to have this, which is even more special....

Through tears in the midwifes office I managed to joke that maybe you just wanted to be seen before you were heard....maybe that is saying something about the personality you will come to have. Waiting a day to know if you were really in there was overwhelming to say the least but it also reminded me WHO is in control of all of this, and that is definitely NOT me. The Lord is so good, faithful, and sovereign. He reminded me of that this week. Even if things would have had a different outcome, I know God is always with me and will never let me go!  I thank the Lord for this gift of you, my sweet babe EVERY single day!

It was so neat to see you move on the ultrasound screen and to hear you little heart beating so strong and fast! The tech thought maybe the reason that we couldn't hear it before is because you are more towards my back then the front of me.

Well, since this has been the biggest thing in this past couple days I haven't really thought about how I've been feeling physically but thinking about it now, I think my body is moving out of the 1st trimester symptoms. Not really any nausea this week and no puking and I think that time in the afternoon when I am usually wiped and craving a nap, I'm starting to have my normal energy back :)

That's really all I got this week......Little one, I love you soo soo much!!


your mama

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Week 11 letter

Dear plum sized babe,

Well, let me just say that this week I am definitely feeling your presence! By that I mean, from a crazy nosebleed yesterday to my insomnia last night to puking in my garbage can in the nick of time at work this morning. But baby, you are worth it all!

I can’t believe you are now the size of a plum but yet you only weigh as much as 2 packets of sugar!! Also your head makes up most of your body right now. This week you start practicing swallowing the amniotic fluid you’re in which I think means you can taste what I’m eating. Admittedly, it’s not much variety these days and basically whatever just sounds/tastes good at the time, which may or may not include some chocolate! And for sure pickles!! But I do want to especially get back on track on the super healthy eating as I get into the 2nd trimester and am hopefully feeling better. I owe it to ya little babe! and to myself for that matter :)

Wow, I really can’t believe were coming up on 1/3 of the pregnancy already being over. I am sure the rest will go by fast as well. I am truly enjoying and loving every minute of. I am just so thankful that God has blessed us with you!

This coming weekend we’re going to the church’s Family Camp. I wonder what next year will be like as we take you along. You will still be pretty little but we aspire to be able to still go. Next spring, your daddy will hopefully tackle a project for us that will ensure that. We were able to get the cutest vintage teardrop-type of camper and if we could have that ready for next summer, I think we will for sure be able to go.

We are going to have so much fun with you! I am looking forward to all the adventures to come…

Love you so so much,


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Week 10 letter

Dear Prune sized babe,

Did you know I love you so much and cannot wait to meet you!! It’s true! Did you know I also have this feeling that you are a girl, I just can’t shake it. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t matter to me, if we discover you are a boy, I will still love you just as much, but it’s just my feeling. It’s kinda like whenever I pictured the man I was going to marry, I always pictured your daddy (I’m talking about when we were broken up-which is a story I’ll share with you some day…) But it was always this peace I had, just like I have when I think of you being a girl! In my head I sometimes catch myself referring to you as a she or her.

Funny thing is though your daddy called me today and said he was going to take a vow not to shave his beard again until we had a boy! He said imagine if we have like 3 girls and he is still unshaven and you and your sisters would be asking him why!?! I laughed and then was RELIEVED when he told me he was just joking!

Speaking of your daddy, he has been so great so far with this pregnancy, with cravings and my changing body to whatever I need. He likes to call my sensitive sense of smell my “spidey sense” for some odd reason! I know he is excited for you to come. He’s working hard on getting things done and he’s already making sacrifices for you. The other night we went on a walk and he was saying the craziest silliest things that had me laughing until tears were coming out of my eyes, I can’t wait to laugh like that with you too!

This past week has brought a few more trips to the porcelain throne to empty my stomach, but like I keep saying it’s all worth it for you, love. And seriously, from 3:00-5:00pm, I am mentally and physically pretty much useless, just craving a nap and counting down the minutes until work is over but I hang in there. I can count the naps I’ve taken since finding out about you on one hand, that is just a luxury I don’t have, but at the same time, sometimes I think they throw of my nights sleep, if they’re too late in the day or too long. Details, details, boring I know. I just wanna record it all though.

Along with this blog I’m also using a pregnancy journal that is called My Belly Book. It is soo cute and totally my style, not cheesy at all! I’ve actually had it for almost 2 years, just waiting in my underwear drawer for when this time would come. Your mom is basically a big dork! You’ll come to find out!!

Well, little prune baby, that’s my letter for this week. I love you tons and tons!


Your mama