Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 12 letter

Dear babe,

This week you are still being called the size of a plum and you are about 2.5 inches long. This week I had another midwife appt. and we were anticipating hearing your heartbeat but well, you weren't having it! Which of course got me a little freaked out but instead we got to have this, which is even more special....

Through tears in the midwifes office I managed to joke that maybe you just wanted to be seen before you were heard....maybe that is saying something about the personality you will come to have. Waiting a day to know if you were really in there was overwhelming to say the least but it also reminded me WHO is in control of all of this, and that is definitely NOT me. The Lord is so good, faithful, and sovereign. He reminded me of that this week. Even if things would have had a different outcome, I know God is always with me and will never let me go!  I thank the Lord for this gift of you, my sweet babe EVERY single day!

It was so neat to see you move on the ultrasound screen and to hear you little heart beating so strong and fast! The tech thought maybe the reason that we couldn't hear it before is because you are more towards my back then the front of me.

Well, since this has been the biggest thing in this past couple days I haven't really thought about how I've been feeling physically but thinking about it now, I think my body is moving out of the 1st trimester symptoms. Not really any nausea this week and no puking and I think that time in the afternoon when I am usually wiped and craving a nap, I'm starting to have my normal energy back :)

That's really all I got this week......Little one, I love you soo soo much!!


your mama

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