Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things you are ALLOWED to do at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant...

-play Dr. Mario for 2, maybe 3 hours of your Saturday

-have a minor meltdown while assembling the crib

-tie and re-tie the bumpers a few dozen times (so it seemed) until you get the perfect bow

-constantly wash any dishes that go in your sink, just in case tonight's the you can come home to a clean kitchen

-burn the bacon while trying to make your 3rd BLT of the week and set off your smoke alarms and smoke out your whole house (and now you are OVER bacon since your whole house smells of it!)

-throw the bacon in the trash and let your sister treat you to Red Robin instead! (thanks Noel, you are the best!)

-play some more Dr. Mario.....because dang that level 20 that you just cannot beat!! (argh!!)

-SMILE while thinking in just a few more days your life is going to change in AMAZING ways and you won't be blogging about bacon and nintendo anymore :)


  1. I remember a very um "intense" discussion about crib bumpers and how to ties them somewhere near the end...... the memory makes me smile! :)