Monday, February 1, 2010

it's the little things...

-like looking at each other in church, knowing we are thinking the same exact thing (about what I CAN'T remember now) but saying "we just had the same thought!" with a smile

-like feeling his hand rub my shoulder or take my own hand during prayer or a worship song

-like being treated to a bake sale item just because

-like encouraging me to take a nap while he worked outside, went on a run, and did some chores

-like waking me sweetly and gently so I wouldn't be grumpy after the nap

-like a nice afternoon walk up some hilly streets with my man and my wonderful mother-in-law

-like enjoying some afternoon toast (i LOVE toast!)

-like me suggesting a date and him using his birthday money to make it happen

-like him suggesting we go walk around Target after dinner but really just using the drive through the parking lot as a decoy to end up parking at Cold Stone (alterior motives!)

-like him wanting to push all the couches together to make one huge bed/couch in the living room that we can snuggle on cause that's what he REALLY wants to do!

All these little things and so many more....they are just a FEW of the reasons i LOVE my husband and am so thankful for him and these last 9 months we have shared together growing, learning, and loving!
*EXCEPT the toast one....that has nothing to do with Matt :) I just like my toast!

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