Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 40 (and 2 days) letter

Dear Ellie girl,

You are still "Ellie in my belly" as of right now.....and this weeks email tells me you are now the size of! So I guess that means you can come out now :) I am feeling good, maybe just little anxious but NOT impatient. Just very curious of when the time will be is all. Waking every morning, wondering "Is today the day?" or going to bed each night thinking " Is tonight the night?" Also wondering if every feeling in my belly is the beginning of you coming into the world!

But truly, I do feel so good. Your dad is being very great and supportive and encouraging in these final days too. He is my best friend and I am so so thankful for him.

We accomplished so much in your room this past weekend!! And I am really loving how it is all coming together. I still have little projects to do and finish but I just love the overall feel and look. I sat in the rocking chair last night, just thinking of you and picturing all the moments we will have in there. Reading, playing, singing, dancing, making, pretending, etc....

Baby girl, you have already brought me such JOY! I can't help but smile when I think of what is to come.

We took a LONG walk last night in the rainy evening and spoke of you for most of the time. I talked about how my 8 weeks of maternity leave are going to go so fast and I really just want to soak it all up. I was reminded by a great mama friend this week how fast it all really does go and to treasure it. I plan to do just that girly. I know I have a tendency to want things to be a certain way, or have strong opinions on things, or expectations, or to want to keep the house clean, yadda yadda, but I am going to make a concious effort in these coming 8 weeks to just soak up being a new mama and enjoy every bit, even the hard moments. I hope this sets a good foundation for our entire life NOT get caught up in all the things that really don't matter that I miss out on the things that truly do. Those little moments, those special times. I am sure I will learn SO many lessons, daily even, being your mama. I am READY girly....and I hope the things I learn, I can one day share with you!

It really is coming soon Ellie girl! We are hearing lots of predictions of when the day and time will be! You have so many people, family and friends both, that are very excited to meet you. You are already so special to them and are so loved!

I will MEET you soon my darling babe!!



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