Saturday, February 6, 2010

another "could be our last date night before she comes" date night

That has been my every thought this week...."could this be the last thing I eat before she comes?" "Could this be the last time we snuggle on the couch with out having her here to snuggle too?" "Could this be our last "date" pre-kiddo?"

It's a funny I've told a few people this week, it's like knowing I get to go to Disneyland anyday, but my parents won't tell me when we are leaving! That's the big surprise....

and Miss Ellie is still waiting to that is the surprise we are waiting for too....

patiently (for the most part!)

We do trust God's timing and hers.....

So in the meanwhile, we chose to enjoy some UFC fighting and good food and entertaining company in the seats next to us!

Gotta love those "could be the last pre-kiddo date nights!" (I've thought that now for the past 3!!!)

i love my life.....

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