Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

**whoops! This was scheduled to post yesterday but somehow it didn't **

Dear Ellie-girl,

Today you are TWO! 
The past two years of our lives with you have been the best!
Thank you for being YOU!

I chose some pictures below that capture some of the things I love most about you!

Your classic kid behavior! and way to make all things fun!

That you LOVE to brush your teeth and be silly together!

Your independent, "do it" yourself attitude and spirit (and your cute booty!)

Your joy!

      Your "hiding spots"! 

just getting to observe you....in all moments

and every single day I get to spend with you and the countless blessings you have brought into my life!

I love you so much my sweet little 2 year old!

love, Mama

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