Sunday, April 24, 2011

Finally a SUNNY day!!

Last week, we FINALLY had a beautiful spring day!
A couple of them actually!!
I knew it was time to put together this little slide
and take advantage of the gorgeous weather!

Ellie loves this thing :)
I am continually so thankful for all the great things people have shared with us,
this slide being another one on the long list of them.

She can't quite get up in the back her self
but with a little help from mama,
she does it and then slides down all on her own.
Melts my heart!

It was so bright that sunglasses were a must!
I was surprised she kept them on the entire time we were outside.
What a cutie :)

Notice the pursed lips in the below picture!
She does this everytime
she's really concentrating on doing something.
Kills me with cuteness everytime!

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