Tuesday, April 20, 2010

little letters & wow, this is my 100th post!

Dear minimiller blog,

I miss you! I have not forgotten you, I promise! It's just that we no longer have the Internet at home and I've also gone back to work.....excuses, excuses!

Dear all 2 readers of this little blog,

Don't give up on me! Just don't waste your time checking more than once a week, hopefully I can at least stick to that!

Dear Ellie's 2 month letter,

Hang in there! You're forming in my heart and head all the time and I hope to get you written sometime this week! If I'm going by the day of the month, she's not even 2 months until.....tomorrow! Tomorrow!! Yikes, I was still thinking I had a few more days! How did today get to be the 20th already!

Dear Ellie-girl,

You are amazing! We had a rough weekend with re-learning how to nurse all over again (and I'll blog about it......eventually!) but we made it through and we are both stronger for it! I love you sooooo much my sweet girl! You truly do light up my life!


mama miller

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  1. Darling Daughter, Your a wonderful momma and are doing a wonderful job with your Darling little girl.I Love you and are proud of you so much........