Friday, May 21, 2010

letters to my daughter: Month 3

Dear Ellie girl,

You are now 3 months old! 89 days to be exact! You are growing and changing every day, sweet girl and I love it. I can't get enough of you :)

Each day when I am at work for those 5 hours, I miss you and I always look forward to coming home to see you baby girl.

You are in love with your hands right now and they are most often brought together at your chest or in your mouth. Sometimes you get to sucking and slurping on one of your fists so loudly I can't help but laugh! Since you are enjoying your hands so much you have begun to sleep loosly swaddled or not even swaddled at all.

A few nights I've even laid you down completely awake, you had some "hand time" and then drifted off to sleep. But most nights, I bounce you and snuggle you for a bit. Yep, I said bounce, not rock. We sit on the edge of our bed and bounce! You love to turn your head and bury it in the crook of my arm, which kinda freaks me out to be honest, so I angle my elbow out some so I know you can breathe. It's like you love to have your nose smashed up against me as you fall asleep. You actually do the same thing in your carrier too. Oh how I love all the little bits about you!

In the last month we've also broken out your play mat and you like be under it, but just not more than about 20 minutes. I love seeing you grab on to the monkeys feet and just looking up at the animals. Speaking of looking up, I think what you love the best is when you are in the swing with the butterflies above your head. You have full on conversations with those little butterflies! It is the cutest thing to see.

You are such a good girl. I tell your daddy all the time. I don't take one second of it for granted.

And you are also sooooo close to laughing. Right now you are doing a little short cough laugh sort of thing! So stinkin' cute!

Well, my daughter, Happy 3 Month Birthday girl! I love you with ALL my heart!



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