Monday, June 21, 2010

letters to my daughter: Month 4

Dear Ellie,

Today you turned 4 months old. These past 4 months have been some of the greatest of my life, truly. With each day that passes I learn more, love more and am just so blessed by you being my daughter.

In the past month, I feel like you have changed a lot! We are really starting to see your personality come out! You love to smile and when you do your whole face lights up, I love it!

Also in the past month, you have mastered rolling over from your back to your belly, jumping in the bouncy door hanger thing, sitting in the bumbo, grabing onto your paci and pulling it out of and putting it back in your mouth, and more.

Just tonight I caught a video of you playing a game with your Daddy where he would raise his hands above his head and then you would copy him! You did this multiple times! It was so cute and yeah, we pretty much think you are a genius now! :)

We've settled into a nice bedtime routine and it is one of the most favorite parts of my day. NOT because you go to bed, but I lay on our bed with you and nurse you for a bit and it is just a special time. We snuggle and just look at each other and there is nothing else like it. Being a mother, especially YOUR mother, is one of my greatest joys!

Girly, you amaze us each day. We love you so much and know that you love us too! We are so thankful for these memories that we are making with you and look forward to the millions more!

I love you baby girl!



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