Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All the 1st's.......alternatively titled: Am I crazy?!

Oh the 1st child! And of course like most parents, I can't help but make little mental notes and memories of all Ellie's know 1st outfit, 1st bath, 1st time eating food, 1st airline wings, 1st steps! etc, etc.......but I have to admit I also finding myself even getting sentimental about some of the other, shall we call them, uh? smaller firsts, yeah that sounds good....

Case in point: last night Matt and I noticed one of Ellie's fingers was red and irritated from what seemed to be a blister worn off so we decided to put a little neosporin and a band-aid on it to help it heal (can you see where this is going??).....Yes, I sure did think to myself this morning, when I removed said band-aid, that maybe I should keep it to commemorate her first "owie"!

SERIOUSLY!!! And I don't think I can even admit some of the other random things/1sts I've also thought about saving!!

Maybe I should have went with the alternative title up there! Oh, and don't worry friends, you WON'T find that band-aid taped inside her baby book when you visit my house! Because of course, all the really special stuff gets put away in pretty box in her closet! hehe!

Oh, and I think it's only fair if you take a turn to share! What's the "craziest" item of your child's that YOU saved to remember a 1st! De-lurk and confess!

And because a post just isn't as fun without a picture, here's one of Ellie taking a bath in her Great-Grandma's tub, which I had to have because I took a bath in that tub when I was her age!! So not a first but one of those things you make your kid do because you did it too!

I love being a crazy parent!


  1. you didnt save the first poopy diaper did you?? then you would be crazy! :) i had originally kept Wyatts clip for his umbilical cord, later realized it was pretty gross and nondescript.....

  2. Hair from Owens first hair cut...not super creepy... or is it?