Sunday, January 2, 2011

letters to my daughter: Month 10

Dear Ellie June,

10 months sweet girl! I can't believe it!! What I can believe is that I am late with this letter again though :)This past month has been so much fun! We just got back from celebrating Christmas in California with your Grandma Lida, Great-Grandparents Linnartz, and almost all of our family on my mom's side. Celebrating your first Christmas was so much fun and we made lots of memories for sure!

Another big milestone for this month with you was taking you on your very 1st airplane ride to California. You did great and even got your own set of wings! You especially loved taking off on the flight home, not wanting to nurse but rather bounce up and down in my lap looking out the window and making excited noises! We were shocked and also thought it was so cute and funny.

At 10 months, you now officially have your top 2 teeth, making that 4 total. And it looks like you will have your mama's gap but don't worry girly, we will get you braces if need be!! And before your senior year in highschool too :) You also are eating everything, and adding more "grown up people" food all the time, like spaghetti or whatever were having for dinner some nights. I think your favorite food is greek yogurt for sure!

As far as moving around, on Dec. 28th, you took your first steps and we were able to capture it on video too! (not the 1st, 1st official ones-but the next time you did it as we got the camera out RIGHT away!!) You are now taking steps from couch to toy, or ottoman or us and it is so fun to see how you do it......slowly and with your arms out, followed by a huge smile for yourself!

Smiling is also what you are doing most of the time. You are doing this squinchy face popeye the sailor man smile I call it but it melts me! Also, you have decided with those top and bottom teeth you like to grind them, which makes your dad and I freak out a bit and also reminds us of nails on a chalkboard kind of sound, so I hope this passes soon!

You're now saying "Da-da" even more than papa and sadly, I can't get you to say mama anymore! But I'm sure it will come back eventually :)

For Christmas, you got not 1 but 2 baby dolls, which are your 1st and you love to drag them around with you and also give them lots of kisses! (Or really just suck on their heads! hmmmm??) It is cute though to see how much you love them.

Baby, You are such a gift to me, to us! We love you so much and are so blessed by you as our daughter! You continue to amaze us and fill our hearts so full!

I love you sweet girl!



P.S. I also wanted to add, just for remembering sake, that your current nickname (mostly from your dad) is definitely "Boogs!" Sorry girl!! :)

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  1. wyatt was boogs for a little while which morphed into bug..... oh the sweet names of endearment we have for our kids!!!