Tuesday, December 7, 2010

letters to my daughter: Month 9-ish

Dear Ellie girl,

Yup, late again. I am starting to give up hope of getting these letters written to you on the 21st of each month, but don't worry baby girl, you can continue to expect them :)

Originally I was intentionally waiting to write your letter on 9 mo, 1 week cause that was the day we had planned to dedicate you at our church and I wanted to write about that, but last Sunday you woke up with a really bad cold and high temp of 103!! so this letter along with your dedication got postponed.

You pretty much slept on my chest ALL day and were so miserable. Your dad and I were pretty concerned and called the Dr. to see what they thought. You also had a super runny nose that was stuffing you up and a cough! We kept you tylenol-ed, snuggled up, and continued to watch your fever. It eventually broke the next morning but then we noticed your eyes were super goopy and I just couldn't shake that mama feeling inside that something just wasn't right! After another day of watching your fever and your eyes, the Dr's office finally decided that they should see you and we found out you had your first ear infection and a double one at that!

So this past week, we been treating you with antibiotics for your ears, and just trying to keep you comfortable and happy. We also got drops for your eyes which cleared them up after one dose! I know it seems kinda funny for me to write all these details about you being sick since kids get ear infections all the time, but baby, it was your first and along with so many more of your firsts, I want to tell you about these things. Your mama is silly!

I am excited for you to read these letters one day and I often wonder when that will be. Will I give them to you when you are a teenager and think that your mom is so annoying and embarrassing or will I give them to you when you becoming a mom of your own sweet babe, I don't know. I guess I will just know when the time is right! But most of all, I hope they bless you to be able to read what I was thinking about you and feeling during this sweet, amazing time in our lives!

Let me tell you a little more about you at 9 months! You are now 18 and 1/2 pounds and 27 inches tall! You are still all over the place, speed crawling we like to call it! Pulling your self up on everything and I've gotten you to take a few steps on your own too! (But only when you are barefoot and on carpet for some reason! and if the toy is tempting enough!!)

Still eating everything we give you and liking it all! We recently gave you spaghetti! You also tried mashed potatoes and turkey during Thanksgiving.

You are now saying mama all day, everyday! I love this!! And I DO think you get that it's me because you say it when I come into your room in the morning to get you from from your crib and other times to me when I am holding you or you want me to hold you.

The day after Thanksgiving your Grandma Miller got you an early Christmas present of a new "big girl"carseat but you are still facing backward for now. You're not loving the car rides as much lately but you're not screaming in them either, just seem a little annoyed and whiny about them :)

You also are saying "pa-pa" in the cutest little whisper voice. I wonder if that is what you will call your dad or will you say dada soon? What else? You are fearless, I swear! Trying to dive off the stairs into my arms every time you climb up them and I follow you. I think this is a game for you.

You are getting better and better at the sippy cup but still wanting/needing me to help hold it for you most of the time.

You are so interested in other kids and always are touching or pulling yourself up on or attacking them! But in a cute sweet "I just want to play with you! way :)

Baby girl, you bring so so much joy and fun and laughter and love into my life. You have my heart sweet girl!!

I love you so much!


your mama

P.S. Only 2 more months (less really) until you turn ONE YEAR OLD!! Are you kidding me!!! Seriously, it has flown by so fast, just like everyone says! But you will always always be my baby girl, sweet love of mine!

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