Monday, February 28, 2011

Ellie's 1st Birthday PARTY!!

What a great day! Ellie's 1st Bithday Party went perfectly!
We had a happy, sweet girl the entire time!

Her party theme was "tiny"!!

With the help of my sister's computer skills,
we made "tiny" invititations about the size of a business card
that I then put inside 3 different envelopes to mail!
I also used shades of pink and orange as theme colors and
used the penant style bunting (the triangles!) as a theme too!
You'll see it in all the decor :)

A table of "tiny" treats!
Mini sodas, mini water bottles, little juices for the other kids there!
A tiny cake just for Ellie, tiny cupcakes, tiny chocolate chip cookies!
Baby pickles, baby carrots and celery, tiny bite size chips and salsa!
tiny carmel apples!!
(which deserve a whole blog post in themselves!!
they may have caused a few choice words to come out of my mouth!)

I used the same tape from the invitations and made fun cupcake toppers!
The cake and the cupcakes were made
by a nice talented lady from our church,
because this mama is not a baker!
(the carmel apple blog will prove this!)

I wanted a few special touches for party
as a way to really celebrate our girl!
I made a slideshow that went chronologically through her 1st year
as well as a time capsule.
Read the note to see how long she has to wait to open it!!
Present time!!! She was interested for about 2 presents
and then wanted to sit in her Grandma Miller's lap
for most of the present opening!
Good thing we had her cousin Garrett and 2nd cousin Jayda to help!!
Ellie didn't mind mostly watching :)
Cute girl hamming it up for the camera!!

Showing off her number "1" shirt!! Also made by her Auntie Noel!
Grandma Miller is hiding from the camera back there!

Her face while we sang "Happy Birthday!"
She wasn't quite sure what was going on!
"Hmmmm? What is this thing!?!?!"
"Here Dad, you try it first!"
(she's all about feeding us lately!!)
"Ok, my turn!!"

She pretty much just took frosting!
She did like it but also didn't know quite what to think!
She did take several finger swipes and licks of frosting
one right after another that we got on video!
And then she was just kinda over it :)
That's ok, cause with never having sugar yet,
I was a little curious what she'd be like with it.
So not too much was good I think!

The "aftermath"!!!
Daddy finished it all the next day......
Family photo!! This is something I hope to get EVERY year on her birthday!
I still can't believe my baby is ONE!!!
We love our Ellie June!!


  1. LOVE IT ALL! She is gonna treasure these pics one day:)

  2. Happy Birthday Ellie! So much fun! She is so beautiful!

  3. So cute Hollie! The party looked great! I love the pink and orange. They did seem to handle their cake the same. Carter only liked the frosting too and just for a few bites, then he was done and started throwing it on the floor. I can't wait to get together! Let's try this week. :)I just realized I am on our a3 blog instead of my own. This is how I get to yours and amanda's blog. I need to figure out how to get you onto mine.

  4. sooo cute-seriously what a shindig!

  5. Love your blog! Great pictures! Severely impressed with your DIY birthday party -- and that cake -- awesome!! Sorry for my blog not allowing your comment to put your site up. Lame!