Tuesday, November 29, 2011

something to blog about....

Not to say that I haven't had countless things to blog about because of our "mini miller" but this one I am making the time to add to this special long neglected little space...

Dear Ellie-girl,

Last night as I was putting you to bed, I was struck in such an overwhelming humbling way of the precious gift which you are to me, that I have been given from our Heavenly Father above.

And as tears slipped silently, joyfully down my cheeks, I began to pray aloud. Little girl, you did not know I was praying, I mean how could you possibly really understand the words more than just thinking I was speaking aloud as you heard my voice. The example of prayer that we have given you so far has been at meal times, gathered around the table, hands held and heads bowed.

We sat in the dark, in the old green $4 chair from goodwill, wrapped cozily in your blanket, milk cup gripped in your hand as I expressed my deep gratitude to our Lord for your life and the gift, the privilege of being YOUR mother. I prayed for your years to come, that you would come to know the truest Love of all, that you would shine for Him.

And then sweet baby of mine.....you said one simple word......."AMEN!"

Dear one, you know! You knew! What an amazing gift of a moment last night, in that old green chair, written upon my heart, for always. Our God is so good!

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  1. Nice. It always amazes me that they get it...more than we realize.