Thursday, January 5, 2012

letters to my daughter: Months 19-22

Dear sweet Ellie-girl,

Your mama has definitely failed at consistent monthly posts to you on here but I hope to get a few more in before you turn 2! In just 2 short months away! Then I hope to make this little blog here into a book for you to always have.

Baby, (i know I should probably stop calling you that too!) I just want to tell you how special you are to me and your daddy. You are such a light in our life. You constantly amaze, teach, challenge, and humble us. We are so thankful for you and that God picked you to be OUR daughter and for us to be your parents!

Ellie, you are spunky and sassy, super brave and full of energy. You are also a sweet heart and a lover. You are determined and smart. You are changing every day and we are continually amazed by you! 

Currently you LOVE: to say "Hi" and "Bye" to EVERYONE when we are out and about (charmer!), twirl and spin in circles until you fall down from dizziness and then get back up and do it again, watch a "moobie" (movie), play with your new kitchen, more specifically tear apart your entire kitchen :), write on the chalkboard in your room, NOT sit in the shopping cart (mama's fault on that one!), take off your pajamas and even diaper at some point in the night/early morning nearly every night!! and offer kisses to EVERY dog and cat you come across. I have made countless memories witnessing you do all of these things and more!
(Your Christmas present this year made by your dad and I)

Some other things you are doing/saying since my last letter to you are:

- Saying: mama, dada, baby, ellie, carter, nanny, papa, no, mine, yep, please, eat, ball, cracker, hi, bye, purple, blue, yellow, two, nine, "read a book", "watch a movie", snack, "take a "back" (bath), hello, puppy, cat, hat, pretty and some more I know I am forgetting!
- You know a lot of you shapes and we practice on your chalkboard. You know circle, heart, square, triangle and diamond for sure.
- You also know some colors now and get them right about 90% of the time, your favorites are definitely yellow and blue but you also know red, green, orange and purple
- When you count, you only say two and nine, which is super cute but we're working on that one :)
- You can climb INTO your crib, but not out of it! Not sure when we'll put you into a big girl bed yet.
- You are pretty good at sharing what your playing with and we always see you offering toys to kids when you are in sunday school or at story time. Of course you have your "mine" moments but I'd like to think when I see you offer toys to kids who aren't playing with something, it is because you want to make sure everyone is included, which is a trait I hope you will grow up with!
- You LOVE to take a bath and request one every night
-You put out your hands to hold ours and pray EVERY time we sit at the table, without us prompting you. You also say Amen! (heart melt!)
-You love to color and read books.
-You love to sweep and I shortened the swifter just for you to use to push around.
-You love to jump on the couch or beds (and YES! we let you, get that energy out girlfriend!!)
-You like to say "no", so you are learning about timeouts :)
- Everyday it seems like you learn or say something entirely new!

Ellie, you have stolen our hearts! Thank you for being exactly who you are! I am so thankful to be your mom and be the recipient of your sloppy kisses, your sweet snuggles, your tight hugs, your precious love. You challenge me and motivate me to be better each and every day.

I love you with all my heart!

love, mama

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