Monday, May 16, 2011


I was able to make Ellie a few new things
to add to her wardrobe this weekend!
I love a cute "mama made" outfit!! (I mean top!)
Taking photos of an almost 15 mo. old = BLURRY!!! :)
this girl is on the go!
I found a small scrap of this blue calico print fabric at goodwill
knowing I could at least make something Ellie sized out of it!
I didn't have a pattern so I just winged it (wung it???),
figuring out what it would become as I went.
(She's not upset in the above pic, just cheesin' it up for the camera!)

I decided on a simple top with some fun ties over the shoulders!
Pair it with a matching cloth diaper and you've got a summer outfit!

It doubles as a skirt actually
if you untie the straps and tuck them in!
Don't worry, we'll put a shirt with it when we're out in public :)
I also made a pinafore using a pattern from my friend's etsy shop!
Check her out to get your own pinafore pattern or other great stuff!!
She's got cute stuff for your littles to wear!
I love how the straps cross in the back
and that Ellie can wear it in
warm weather with even just a diaper or shorts
or even cooler weather
if I layer it over long sleeves and leggings!
Plus! It's REVERSIBLE!! :)
I think I'll be making several more!
It might become her summer "uniform"!!
Where did those chubby legs go? :(
And her arm roll creases are almost gone too!
Welcome to toddler hood, sweet girl!!


  1. I think i need you to teach me how to be crafty like this!! i have a sewing machine but have no confidence to use it!!

  2. Brittany, I just started doing a ladies craft night at my house on Friday evenings, if you're ever in Salem on a Fri night, you girls (you and your fin!) should come by! Your sis should too :) I haven't seen her since my sis left for Taiwan.

    And with the sewing machine, I think the confidence part comes when you accept that you will be using your seam ripper A LOT to fix your mistakes! you just gotta make them and that's how you learn when it comes to sewing! my seam ripper and I are BFF's with a strong love/hate relationship!

  3. Um, seriously?!!! SO adorable! Ack, wish I had mad sewing skills like you friend :)

  4. Okay, just read your reply and I will definitely take you up on a Friday craft night sometime! Woo Hoo!