Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A perfect day...

Back on Good Friday, Matt had the day off work and since the weather was nice we decided to plan a family day at the beach! We went back to do a hike that Matt and I done a few years ago at Cape Lookout about 15 minutes north of Pacific City. It's about a 5 mile hike out and back and it was the perfect day for it!

It is one of our goals to be an active family and do lots of hiking and other outdoor activities that get us moving! It's never too early to start! We just strap the babe on us and go!! Note to self: next time take more snacks though or just any at all! Thankfully the girl is still nursing :)

I'm not usually one to take scenery pictures but it was too gorgeous not to! Wow!! (and high!!)

The cutest hiking companions a girl could ask for!

We made it!! Not the best family pic but getting the 3 of us in one is kinda rare :)

My turn to carry her! Phew!! What a good work out!!
We celebrated our survival :) with the Pelican Brew Pub

and then it was time to hit the sand!
This was only the 2nd time Ellie had been to the beach
and it was quite different from the chilly November day before.

This time called for cute yellow sunhats and bare feet!!

Matt and I both LOVE this picture above.
It needs to be BIG somewhere in our house very soon!
and I love love love this one of my two favorites!
And a day like that ends perfectly with a nap for the whole drive home!

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  1. we love the pelican brew pub! and i love these pics!