Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 15 letter

Dear Orange sized babe,

This morning I found myself thinking of what your personality will be like? I got to spend some time with a super cute and sweet almost 1 year old and his parents on Sunday when I took their pictures and I had such a blast. Just seeing them together, playing, loving on each other, cracking up at his expressions, I got so excited for our times like that to come. I wonder what you will be like at 1 year, 4 years (like your Uncle Zach is right now!) and then as a teenager.

I hope and pray that we will always have a strong and close relationship, that you will be able to talk openly and honestly with your dad and I. That you can share your struggles, pain, joys, hopes, excitements with us. I hope that you will always feel like you can be real with us, that you won’t have to hide your feelings and emotions from us. I hope that we will pray together as a family, especially when you are a teenager and it becomes awkward! I hope that you will come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, that you will cling to Him in all things and have a passion for Him. I pray that your dad and I can be good examples for you of how to love the Lord and how to love others.

I wonder what you will want to be when you grow up, I wonder if you will be adventurous or more timid, will you be shy or outgoing? Will you be artsy and creative or maybe really into sports or music, or all of the above! Please know, little one, that we will always support, encourage, and challenge you in whatever you do, just as our parents have done for us and as we have done for one another in marriage….

Little orange babe, I think I have been feeling you or at least feeling my body growing and stretching to accommodate you! I really can’t wait to feel those kicks and hiccups. If you get hiccups anything like me they will probably make me jump out of my chair or something because I get them so bad and loud! Your daddy loves to tease me about them.

In less than a week we have our next midwife appointment, I am assuming they will listen for your heartbeat again, probably at every appointment I think, and I am glad because your daddy will be there again and fingers crossed we get to hear it together! I wonder all the time what labor will be like and how your daddy and I will work together as a team during that time. I know he will be strong and supportive, but I am also so curious about that time for us too. In a big -looking forward to it- sort of way!!

Well, my citrus baby, I love you so much and more and more everyday!


your mama

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