Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 17 letter

Dear Baked Potato sized babe,

Yum! Each week as you are compared to food items in my email updates from the websites, it never fails to make me hungry!

This morning as I was driving to work, I passed some school buses and it made me think of all the things I am looking forward to with you. Of course there are so many obvious ones, but as for school related ones I am looking forward to: back to school shopping and fashion shows with your new clothes, having a back to school fancy special dinner for you like this one , helping you plan that perfect outfit for the first day of school, helping you with your homework and projects, picking you up from school and hearing about your day, making you lunch in fun creative ways and putting notes and surprises in it!, going to your school programs, plays, sports, etc. I always loved school (for the most part!) and loved all those things about it. I hope you will feel that way too.

Tomorrow means 3 weeks until we know what you are, which we can't wait for so the name game can go full force! I am constantly throwing ideas out there to your daddy! Most of which he's not a fan of, but I know we will make a good decision together in the right time. Also, I just can't wait to know so I can start planning your nursery or start acting on the plans I already have I guess I should say! I have plans for both girl or boy and I love them :)

Your dad has been working away at painting our cabinets to get the kitchen finished and then I think he will be onto our new bedroom so we can move out of ours/soon to be yours now. He's such a good worker and has done so much to make our house a home. I am proud of him and love him for it!

Potato babe, I am thinking you are probably getting annoyed at me pushing on my belly as I lie in bed each night thinking of you. I think a few nights ago when I pushed that you pushed or kicked back and that was so cool, so that's why I am keeping it up! I do think I've been feeling you some other times too and I love it, I can't wait for even more to come.

Well, my love, that is your letter for this week. I love writing to you and hope it is something I will continue even when you are on the outside. You are so special to me!

I love you!



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