Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 14 letter

Dear Large Lemon sized babe,

It's funny that you are compared to a lemon this week because I have been drinking a lot of lemonade lately. I especially crave it after waking up from a sweaty weekend afternoon nap! We are now officially in the 2nd trimester, woo hoo!! 6 more weeks and we'll know if you are a boy or a girl!! I've posted a poll on the side so all 2 of my readers can make guesses! (Hi mom!)

I think you are a girl like I've said before, but maybe it is because I want you to be a girl. And I only really have girl names and my plans for a girl nursery, I just love love love! BUT no matter what, if you are a boy, you really will be loved just the same! Boy or girl, nothing will change that!

My mom thinks you're a boy and at the ultrasound Robin called you a boy when looking at you on the screen, so we will see if the grandmas know what they are talking about :) In other news this week, several people have told me "I look great!" I think meaning, I'm not showing and you can't tell I'm pregnant, but let me tell you... I am oh so ready for the showing part! I want to pop and I know it will happen soon enough, but I just love seeing baby bellies out there and am excited for mine to come!

On the food front little one, I know you are tasting a lot of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches lately and I'm sorry for that, but still nothing seems to taste good with the exception of those! and when I think of something to make that should tasted good , it never tastes like I am expecting....maybe my tastebuds are just off due to hormones.

Speaking of hormones, I surprised myself this week with 2 cry fests, really over stupid stuff. Since I found out I was pregnant, I really have been feeling so great, happy, content, etc. but then out of nowhere this week, I've had those 2 crys....oh well, it just means my body's doing its thing!

I realize these letters to you are really more about me than you right now and basically just a weekly recap of what's going on and how I'm feeling, but hopefully one day when you are older and are pregnant with a babe of your own or supporting your wife in her pregnancy, they will be an encouragement to you. These letters are becoming a part of our history, little love! We have so much to look forward to and so many memories to make!

I love you babe of mine!

love always,

your mama

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