Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Week 16 letter

Dear Avocado sized babe,

Well, this week you are 16 weeks old! We had another midwife appointment yesterday and everything is looking great. She said your size is right where it supposed to be and we also got to hear your heart beating. I had heard it at the ultrasound but it was a first for your dad. I don't really know what his 1st reaction was since I couldn't see his face but it was nice to hear that strong fast beat so easily this time around. I had to go get my blood drawn this morning and it was no big deal, actually the guy that did it was so nice and good at it, I barely felt a thing. Which was much to my relief, however of course I also am telling myself not to be a baby about a little needle poke if I am planning to give birth naturally because they don't even compare! ha!

Other good news was that I had only gained one more pound in the last month, so that is 2 pounds to date since the beginning of all this, which is fine by me :) The midwife said not to be surprised it between now and the next appointment, we see quite a different number since that is normal for the 2nd trimester. Also probably because in the next couple weeks, you will double in weight and grow about 2 more inches I think.

We also were able to make our appointment to find out if you will be a boy or a girl, and that is for Sept. 17th. (Just so you know Mom!)

In other news, food is finally tasting better :) and I have actually cooked some decent dinners lately! I am loving this tomato/orange pepper chopped with basil, balsamic, garlic, and salt and pepper mix topped on a grilled slice of bread. kinda like a brushetta I think. Mmm! I've made that a few times.

I also think I am starting to pop more! The midwife said the top of my uterus is just under my belly button so I think in the next few weeks it will be moving behind it and above it, which will definitely make me look popped.

Well, babe of mine, that is the scoop for this week. I love you soo much! Every night I am praying for you and our (the 3 of us) life together!


your mama

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