Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letters to my daughter: Month 8

Dear baby girl,

Yup, your mama is late again! But only by 1 week this time :) And I'm changing it up this time. I really don't know why I've never included a photo before, but I've thought about other times and then just wanted to keep things looking consistent....but today I thought, who cares!! It's fun to change it up and I love, love, LOVE this photo of you! I love your "michelin man" arms!! I love that something as simple as making our bed turns into a opportunity to laugh, cuddle, and play!

Sweet girl, let me tell you what's new with you in this past month. Bullet point style!

-For some odd reason which I can't figure out, you officially HATE getting a bath! I don't know what happened to the baby in those photos a few posts back, but now trying to bathe you is like putting a cat in water. You try with all your might to get out of the sink or tub!

-You can climb ALL the WAY to the top of the stairs!!! (which we only let you do while fully supervised with us right behind you) You definitely seem to be fearless!

-You have no stranger anxiety at all and with a little work anyone can get you to smile at them. I just tell them you make them earn it!

-You love to be around and often right on top of or in their face of any other kids! You are mesmerized by them.

-We are now putting you in the church nursery! (it only took us 8 months!)

-You constantly are babbling and sorta humming in the carseat. I like to think your trying to sing along to the music.

-You still only have 2 teeth but have been quite drooly lately so maybe more are on the way.

-You love to be standing up against something and pretty much have been standing as long as you have been crawling. I wonder when walking will come, but I'm also not in any hurry for it :)

-You will eat everything we give you and so far don't dislike anything! Mostly all purees, chunks of banana and avacado and hard boiled egg yolk, puffs, tiny toast pieces and plain greek yogurt make up you diet right now but we're always trying new things!

-You are starting to get the idea of waving and we practice when I leave each day and also when your grandma leaves.

-You LOVE playing with your daddy and get to for a little while each afternoon before I get home, I am so thankful you get this special time together.

Well, Ellie girl, as you can see, you are clearly the love and light of our lives and we are so glad to be you parents!! I can't even believe it's been 8 months!! Wow!

I love you so so much!



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