Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 7 letter

Dear blueberry sized baby!

Today, I think I got my first official taste of morning sickness, but thankfully everything stayed put! I'm not complaining though, I love and embrace all the symptoms so far because that means you are real my little love! I am counting down the days until that first Midwife appointment and fingers crossed we will hopefully get to hear your heart beat!

We told a lot of family this past weekend and everyone was so excited! Your arrival will make my Oregon grandparents (Dad's parents) GREAT grandparents for the first time! and it will make my California grandparents (Mom's parents) GREAT grandparents for the 8th!!! time. WOW!

My mom was sooooo excited! I am thankful we were able to tell her in person! We gave her a little bib that said "I love grandma!" She told me she is going to frame it and put it by her desk. She wants you to be a girl but I know she will love you just as much even if you are a boy :)

Speaking of girls, I had a dream about you a few nights ago (my first about you!) and in it you were a little red headed girl!! This may be because we have some friends with a cute little red headed girl but Matt's sister has red hair, so I think it's possible for you to have red hair, maybe?!

Another amazing and exciting thing happened just today actually, it turns out that now 2 of my college roomates who both also live in Salem are pregnant as well! I already knew about one of them (Amanda!) cause she is I think about 15 weeks? and had told us a while back but when I was checking our "roomate blog" to see when we can all get together so I could tell them about you, Jami had put on there she is pregnant too!!! This is soo great and fun! Now we really have to get together! Looks like you already will have new insta-buddies when you are born!

Little blueberry, I have been reading and re-reading the week by week stuff in the "What to Expect...." book and I just can't wait for all that is to come. Each night as I fall asleep, my hand rests on my tummy (as Matt would call it) and just think of you and pray for you!

You are so loved!

your mama

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