Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Week 8 letter

Dear kidney bean or raspberry (depending on the web site!) sized babe,

I've decided I like calling you babe or the babe when referring to you :) This week is going fast, which is good because we are that much closer to Monday, which means our first midwife appointment! And that means we get to try and listen for your heart beat. I can't wait for that and I'm so glad your daddy will get to be there too.

I told a lot more people this week by putting it on Facebook and by calling 3 of my friends from growing up. It is fun to hear everyones reactions and congratulations. Your dad and I have been talking a lot about what to do after you come and what are plans/goals are for me to be home with you as much as possible. We know I'll still have to work some but we also just found out that it looks like your Grandma Miller will be "retired" by then so it is very comforting to know we will have her to help out with you if we need some minimal childcare, especially to know that it would be with your Grandma, who by the way is ALREADY buying you clothes :) I love that woman!

What else is going seems like every other night I get a good nights sleep and on the odd nights, I am up a lot to pee or with insomnia or just uncomfortable ness but I welcome it all! I love the constant reminders of you even if they are uncomfortable. Speaking of other symptoms, yesterday I threw up for the first time. It pretty much came out of no where while I was working out and afterward I felt better immediately. I don't think this will be come a regular or everyday thing but we'll see.

Well love, which is also what I call your dad, that is all for now.
I love you sooo much!


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