Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 26 letter

Dear Length of a Burp Cloth (or 14in long) baby girl,

This week you are also about 1 and 2/3lbs , getting bigger all the time! Only 14 weeks to go! Less than 100 days now! Well, give or take. I don’t expect you to be early or on-time so I’m not getting my heart set on the estimated due date of Feb. 1st so I am just telling people the beginning of February. I love that you are going to be a February baby, or possibly a January baby (if you were to be early).

Hopefully you’re here by Valentines day, what a sweet perfect gift for a day all about love. We already love you sooo much! I was telling your daddy the other night how much he is going to just melt over being able to hold you and snuggle you and have you sleep on his chest when your still brand new and tiny. He has no idea what’s in store! You are going to break his heart in the best possible way! Mine too!

This past week I am noticing that you seem to wake up with us when the alarm goes off at 4:22 AM each morning since we take your dad to his drop of point for his ride to work. It makes me wonder if that time will stay the same once you arrive? Even if it does, my guess is after eating or maybe a diaper change, you’ll fall back to sleep, since right now we do every morning once we get back and climb in the cozy warm bed. Of course, not without you getting a little dance party on first!

I am so excited for mornings with you! Well, really every part of the day! But since my work schedule is going to be 12-5 once I return to work part time, I know that time in the morning until I go will be cherished. I am sure it will be hard to leave you, especially in the beginning but I also know you’ll be in good hands! And hopefully, like we are planning, I’ll eventually be able to stay at home with you with in a few years.

I’m looking forward to going on walks during our mornings, just having special hang out time, maybe some play dates in there with special friends and also coming to our church’s mom’s group when it meets. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mom! It’s still very weird to think of kind of, but I am sure it will really hit me once you are here. What a blessing and honor though!!

You mean so much to me baby girl! I love you so much!



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