Monday, October 12, 2009

a list....

Wow! That ticker on the right says 112 days left, that means in 12 more days we will be in the last 100 days of pregnancy, (GIVE OR TAKE!! a few or several I guess, if she's late!)

But really what that makes me think about is WHAT I STILL WANT TO DO before she's LIST! (which won't include some of the obvious things like finish our room and hers!)

-Make our home more warm and homey for fall! I need some fall smelling candles, a pumpkin on my porch, a cozy blanket to cuddle up with on the couch, etc.

-Clean and organize my craft room! Get rid of A LOT of the stuff in it too!

-Find some good crockpot meals for the fall/winter to make on Sundays.

-Do one sweet thing, either little or big for my husband EVERY day!

-Go on more walks! Alone, with a friend (Kari, you interested?) or with Matt. Enjoy that fresh fall air!

-Bake some banana bread with all the black bananas in our freezer :)

-Sew/or buy a curtain for the front door

-Continue to dream of, pray for, and nuture this growing baby girl in my belly!!


  1. mini miller...mama adorable!! I love your blog! so excited to follow your journey! it millerific!

  2. We're always up for a walk with you 2 girls...are you free Friday morning? :)