Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week 25 letter

Dear Ellie-girl,

Yup, that IS your name! There is no changing my mind now, and I don’t think Matt can change his from now on either (right, love?) He calls you that now so I am pretty sure, well, like 99.9%, that it will be your name. I LOVE it!! And so does everyone we tell.

This week you are approximately 13.5 inches long and approx. 1.5 lbs. You’re growing in there, that’s for sure! Because I am growing too! My belly is getting rounder each day and I love it. You’re daddy is still giving you love each day with a poke or a pat and on this past Sunday evening, as I was laying on my side on the couch, he FINALLY got to feel you kick!! It was so great!! He was really surprised at it and excited. The next night he really got to feel you moving a lot.

I am so thankful for the special moments he and I get to spend together now in anticipation of you!! I know I will cherish them always. We talk and dream about you a lot. We are so thankful for you and are excited to meet you little lady. We’re still making progress on our room so hopefully about the middle of next month we can start on yours. I need to find some fabric to make your bedding because I can’t seem to find any bedding sets I like anywhere! It will make it that much more special to have it be handmade especially for you I think.

I had another mid-wife appointment last week and she said everything was looking great, that we were measuring right on track and your heartbeat sounded perfect. My next appointment will be the glucose screening one where they test for pregnancy diabetes and also the midwife told me they should be able to start determining your position then just by feeling my belly. That part will be neat!

I love feeling you move all the time now, I feel you kick, squirm, and do flips! Those are my favorite because they are so involved and last the longest. It is such a neat sensation. I think at this point you can start to hear outside noises more distinctly so we should start playing you some music. I bet that could really spur on your dance parties!

Well, my little babe. That’s it for this week’s letter. I love you so so much!



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