Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 23 letter

Dear "I hope your name stays" Ellie,

This week you are compared to being the length and weight of a Harry Potter book or 11 1/2 inches long and about 1 pound! I don't know if you'll be into Harry Potter but I sure can't wait to read with you as we tuck you in at night and I also hope you develop a love for reading like
I have had growing up.

This week I have really started to feel you moving all around in my belly. You are tossing and turning all day long but also settle down at night which hopefully means you'll be good sleeper at night, but we'll see. Even though you are still at night, I seem to be the one that has been tossing and turning ALL night long. I am really starting to drive your dad crazy with it! But we're both hanging in there :)

Today is my birthday and I am 26! You're daddy and I spent the day working on our soon-to-be bedroom so then we can move on to working on your room. He installed french doors for our new room and I can already picture those special times that we are all piled in the bed on a weekend morning when you come wake us up, with the nice morning light streaming in all around us! I am looking forward to so many special moments to come, both little and big!

You're daddy has really been so great, spoiling me and just making me feel so special. I can tell he is so excited to meet you and get to do all kinds of things with you! I'm sure he'll teach you all about hot rods, toys, and power tools! But also about things like being able to talk to anyone, being a good tipper, and being polite and considerate to people he meets! He always makes a point to ask the checkers at grocery stores or people who ring us up, "How is your day?" while looking them in the eyes. He really makes an effort. It is something he has taught me to do to and I think it really does make a difference in peoples days!

Baby girl, I am so excited to think on my next birthday you will be here with us! Knowing that is a birthday present in itself! I also can't wait for your birthdays through out the years. I always want to make them a special day for you. I have lots of ideas I'm already thinking of. They will be a day where we make sure to celebrate you in many many ways!

I love you my book sized babe!



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