Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 22 letter

Dear Length of a package of Oreo's (or 11inch long) baby girl,

Yes, the email this week actually compared you to oreos! For the record your dad like the double stuffed ones and likes to combine 2 of those together! If I was feeding you oreos this week, you might also be able to taste them. Time to step up the broccoli and brussel sprouts for ya :)

Speaking of things I am feeding you, I am noticing when you get a little sugar, like from the apple I was eating yesterday, you are moving up a storm in my belly. The neatest feeling. I love it! Your daddy keeps putting his hands on you when were hanging out at home and I always hope you'll give him something he can feel, but we know that is still a little ways off. We'll be patient for you! You are so worth it.

You got some clothes in the mail this week from your Reno Grandma, we gotta come up with what we're going to call her....I know Grandma might be hard to take for someone who is perpetually 29 years old! (Right mom??) I can tell she is excited to meet you and having fun picking out things for you. Some of the clothes are for a newborn and are so teensy tiny. When I showed them to your dad, he was like, is that really going to fit her? I love the stripes and polka dot tiny tee shirts and your daddy loves the little "beanies". Of course he does, as he is rarely without a hat or beanie.

I can't wait to see you in those clothes, to hold you and snuggle you in your blankets! I recently found my baby blanket and thought it will be so special for you to use as well. It was made by your Great Grandma, who you hopefully, are going to be named after. Her name is Ellouise and as of right now, we still love Ellie. For me, that is your name, no ifs ands or buts about it, I am set on it, but your daddy still wants to look at some name books. I think it will be the one though! As we laid in our bed last night talking about you I asked him if we can just make it so already, I don't need to look in a book.

We love to talk about you. I don't think a day goes by that we don't talk about you or something related to you, or our dreams for us a family, or how we will/want to do things. We love you baby girl! We are so excited to be your parents!



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