Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 21 letter

Dear Carrot Sized Baby Girl,

Some of the emails measure you head to bum and others head to foot. Head to foot this week you are about 10 ½ inches long approximately. From here on out according the books and emails, babies grow at different rates. I also know you are practicing swallowing this week and tasting what I am tasting and I REALLY know you are moving in there!

Yesterday, all afternoon as I sat at my desk, it felt like you were doing gymnastics! It was so neat! I look forward to the day when your daddy will be able to feel you kicking on the outside, right now the feelings are still all felt inside. It’ll come though.

Each day now and going forward is really just such a blessing. Your daddy and I both are just so excited and happy where were at and for what is to come! I am working on getting used to calling you: her and she! I was so used to saying It, but I am happy to call you my little girl! Right now, our top name pick is Ellie and I can see myself calling you “Ellie-girl” as a nickname. I really do love the name Ellie and hope it is the one we stick with, it just feels so right.

You are getting spoiled all ready, little lady! Your Grandma Talbot (my mom) called to let me know she’s sending a box of a bunch of cute pink stuff that she picked out for you. I can tell she is very excited about you. And just yesterday, Matt came home to find a can of chalkboard paint tied with a ribbon and note from your future friend, Nelida Dalgas and her parents. I know we will have fun with that as you get to that age where you want to scribble and draw and practice writing your name.

I hope to always give you opportunities to be creative and artsy. Even if it doesn’t become a passion for you as you grow older, which is totally fine, I know that something will, I do want to expose you to creating with all kinds of things at a young age. Finger painting, chalk, crayons, makers, fabric, yarn, toilet paper rolls!, things collected from outdoors, rocks, whatever! I want to encourage you to dream and make things with your hands and what is around you. I can't wait to do those things together :)

I love you little lady! So so much!



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