Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 19 letter

Dear 6" Subway sandwich sized babe,

Wow! 6 inches long from head to bum, which means you're actually bigger than that including your legs! I can't believe it, I also can't believe we are almost 1/2 way through the pregnancy. I am thinking about you a lot little babe. I wonder all the time what you will look like, be like, everything! We get to see you on the ultrasound in just 8 days and I can't wait!

Your daddy is touching, poking, pinching, rubbing, patting my belly A LOT!! I am trying to get better about not swatting away his hand but it really does take some getting used to! Maybe it is just preparing me for all the people that will just reach out and touch my belly in the coming months!

Speaking of my belly, if I thought I was popping out a few weeks ago that was nothing, I think now I am finally seeing the true popping out of the belly. A few people have noticed it too and let me know! Which I love because, I want to look pregnant not just big :) I catch your daddy looking at me from the side as we will be walking somewhere all the time. We have been talking about you together so much and I love it. I love the dreaming and planning and that I get to do it with him. It makes me feel like were building a strong team together.

I just sent the deposit for our labor "preparation" class today which I'll share more on later but it felt good to know we have a plan for that and we will get to spend 6 weeks, 3 hours a week at a class learning all about how to bring you into the world! It's in Portland on Saturdays and I am sure we will make the most of those 6 Saturdays in Portland as well after our class by visiting McMenamins or some of our other favorite spots. That too will be a special time for just your daddy and I as we prepare for you to come, just getting to spend those last weeks before you come with some quality time together. We know that the best thing we can do for you is be strong in our marriage and though we have certainly had some bumps in the road, we have also come so far and I have such a faith and trust in us. I love your daddy so much! Through good times and bad, and happy and sad! I know, I know, THAT was cheesy!

Another cool thing we plan to do for you is to use cloth diapers. We have decided to use the brand Fuzzibunz after talking to a friend who uses them and just this morning when I was checking one of the blogs I follow, I discovered they are doing a giveaway to set up a family with free diapers from Fuzzibunz. This would be so great for us to win since one of the main reasons we have decided to go with cloth is the financial aspect and savings! Yes, they are a investment to start with but the savings over the entire time you'll be in diapers is HUGE! Like $2K plus huge! and saving that money and any money we can for that matter means, the sooner I can stay home more with you.

We are working toward that little babe! I want you to know that! We want for me to be able to be with you as much as possible and as soon as we can, I will work less and less but for now or the next couple years I am going to have to continue to work part time. We have already begun to make sacrifices and save and pay off our debt to achieve that and when I think about it, those sacrifices are nothing compared to what we will be getting in return! We love you soo much our little Sandwich baby! We can't wait to see you next week at our appointment!

love always,


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  1. I have been busily refreshing your blog all afternoon hoping for an update...hope that baby cooperated today :)

    Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!