Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 20 letter

Dear baby GIRL!!!,

Yes, that's right! This week we found out such special news, that you are a GIRL! We couldn't be happier and are so excited to now be referring to you as she or her. You are exactly what we both wanted. Not that we would have been disappointed if you were a boy, but it was just really neat to see that you were what I thought you were all along and what your daddy decided just recently he wanted.

Little lady, we just can't wait to meet you! We got to see tons of pictures of you at the ultrasound and everything looked great. You were completely folded in half with you feet up by your face for most of it and we watched you knee yourself in the head a couple times. It was soo cute and funny. The tech said you were quite the wiggle worm and wouldn't stay still which I am sure you get from your daddy!

We are at the Oktoberfest this weekend, staying with your grandparents in Mt. Angel, the town I grew up in and feeding you lots of fish tacos and other yummy things. Next year will be fun to have you on the outside of me and showing you off to everyone. This morning we played with your Auntie Gracie who snuggled right up on your daddy's lap and loved on him. I could tell how much it meant to him and knew right then and there you will have him wrapped around your little fingers. Here's a little tip: Let him teach you about hot rods when you get a little older and I am sure he will share all HIS toys with you! :) That's right, I said his! Just wait until you see the collection I am talking about!

Speaking of your Auntie Gracie, she will be three years older than you when you are born and I am sure you will be close friends because of it. How neat for both of you! And I know Zach will play the protector for you too as he does for Grace.

You are soooo loved by so many people, who were also so excited to hear you are a girl and who can't wait to meet you either.

We love you baby girl!!!



P.S. For the record, you are the size of a large cantaloupe this week, head to bum or the length of a banana, head to feet. The ultrasound also told us you weigh 10 oz! and your mama has gained 1 pound to match each one of those ounces from the beginning of getting pregnant, so 10lbs total now! (Which the midwife says is right on track, thankfully :)

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