Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 18 letter

Dear Fair-Sized Pickle Babe,

Oooh! There we go again, making my mouth water by the food your compared to this week and baby, let me tell you that I have definitely eaten a lot of pickles lately. But then again, I have always eaten a lot of pickles, pregnant or not! I wonder if you’ll be a pickle lover too, your daddy and I both are!

You are 5 and a ½ inches this week from head to bum! Wow! And last night as I laid in bed, I am sure I felt you moving around in there. Can’t wait for those real kicks or to be able to tell where your head or feet are. You are getting bigger and so am I. Your daddy has taken to patting my belly this week, which I’ll be honest is taking some getting used to and not getting defensive about like I used to. I actually knocked his hand away yesterday while we were on the couch and caused him to spill his drink (which was in his other hand) all over him! He wasn’t so thrilled about the wet shorts but I'll admit I was kinda amused by it!

All in all things are going great, we are slowly but surely working away at the projects we want to have done before you arrive and I’m sure this fall/early winter will keep us busy with those. One project I’m excited about is painting one of the doors in the kitchen with chalkboard paint. It has 2 insets and the top one will be mine for writing grocery lists, menu plans, etc but the bottom will be yours (eventually) to keep you entertained when your hanging out in the kitchen with me. I know it will be awhile after you arrive until you’ll even be able to use it but I love that we are planning it for you now as well as other things. I just hope it doesn’t encourage you to draw on the rest of the doors and walls that are at your level, so we’ll have to be sure to teach you about that! Though something tells me, having your kids draw on a wall they shouldn’t is also just one of those “milestones” that most kids go through!

Your daddy and I talked about the things we do and don’t want to do with you last night, the things that will be treats for you and what won’t, how we will discipline you and about the adventures we want to take you on. We also just talked about how we will live in the day to day and what our time together will be like. I am glad we have these dreams, ideas, and goals, I know some of it will be a real wake up call to us or unexpected or sometimes the reality will be wild and crazy and hard, but I also know that it will be SO SO worth it! We both love you so incredibly much pickle babe! We are so excited to meet you in approx. 22ish more weeks!


your mama

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