Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 32 letter

Dear Ellie June,

This week you are compared to the length of knee high boots, so random! But in other words, it means you are between 16 and 17 inches long and about 4lbs. I am definitely feeling like you are that size! I really feel like I am ALL baby belly now! It's crazy to think you've still got growing to do in there cause it doesn't feel like there's lot of room left. I think I can finally feel body parts sticking out here and there. I don't know what is what but it is very neat to feel!

Something else that has seemed to become at least once a day thing is your hiccups! Cute, funny, and weird feeling all at the same time! It's probably cause I give you spicy food :) I love spicy food and maybe you will too!

Last weekend, I finally made up my mind about your bedding, which I will be making and hopefully starting on soon! Your daddy and I both love the alphabet fabric I found and I am going to incorporate the alphabet in a few ways throughout the decor of your room. Hopefully this will encourage a love for reading and writing at an early age :)

This week I got to hang out with your Uncle Zach and Aunt Gracie! I love those two and you will too! It will be fun for you to be close in age with them. While Gracie took a nap, Zach and I mad a bunch of snowflakes to decorate the windows with. Maybe this can be one of our traditions when you become his age. I am looking forward to having Christmas season traditions with you like an advent calendar and decorating the Christmas tree and making snowflakes! It will be fun to do a annual family Christmas card too and watch you grow over the years.

Speaking of Christmas, makes me think a little about presents and let me tell you baby girl, YOU are the BEST present I could possibly have for this Christmas!!

I love you my little one!



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