Wednesday, December 16, 2009

things I'm thinking about....

1. More frequent posting is probably coming this blogs way as we really are starting to get close to the girl's arrival!

2. The fact that after making the switch to Bella Vie, it looks like our insurance covered 100% of the pro-rated cost of Salem Nurse Midwives through the 29 weeks we were with them! This is AWESOME!! Praise the Lord!

3. How much WE love Hypnobabies!

4. That I really want to clean all the light fixtures in my house :)

5. Christmas is 10 days away, woohoo! Looking forward to family time!

6. Lunch!

7. How much I am looking forward to being a mom and hanging out with my mom friends!

8. The fact that the shirts I am wearing today don't exactly cover my belly, but I'm thankful for the kind of maternity jeans that have the band that comes up high so it just looks like I have a purple, white and navy shirt on! I keep finding my wardrobe "malfunctions" entertaining!

9. Chips and Salsa, did I mention lunch ;)

10. How I think it is neat that Bella Vie called me today to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow because my midwife is IN a birth and the new receptionist that called me is actually someone I know.

11. Ellie's room and what I need/want to do to decorate it and how the week after Christmas I have A LOT of sewing to do! I am so thankful to be able to create a special place for her.

12. My grandparents in California and the goodies they sent us this week!

13. Cute girly fun!

14. About being pregnant at Christmas and what Mary must have felt and been going through. How amazing, humbling, and overwhelming it must have been to be carrying the Son of God and feeling him grow, stretch and move inside her. How I'm sure as a mother she wondered and dreamed of what His future would be like, His personality, His voice, everything! How thankful she was for her Savior. and I am as well!

15. God is good!

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