Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 31 letter

Dear daughter of mine,

Wow! That is crazy to say and type, to call you daughter!! What a special privilege. And it will be great to hear you call me mama when the time comes too! Girly, this week you are about 16 inches long or the length of miniskirt (according to this weeks funny email) and still are about 3.5 lbs. Though the email told me that from here on out you'll gain about 1/2 a pound week until birth.

Speaking of birth, we are still getting ready each day, doing our homework and other things to prepare. I am SO happy we made the switch to the birth center and that is all I can see when I picture your birth now. It really is such a beautiful place to have such a beautiful experience of you entering our world!

I had my first official appointment with my new midwife this week and I just love her! She is so kind, warm and friendly. One neat thing from the appointment was that she drew the position of you on my belly! In a few weeks she actually paint it all on, but this at least let me know that you are head down! Which is perfect and it made perfect sense when she said your on your side and your feet and hands are on my right side because that's exactly where I feel your kicks and pokes!

You sure do seem to get shy when I am trying to show off your dance moves to someone else though! Every time I try to get your Auntie Noel to feel you moving, you freeze up and won't give her any action and the other night I was laying in bed watching you move all around but as soon as I got your dad to come watch, we got nothing! I'm taking it to just mean you're playful and can tease with the best of them.....hmmm...wonder where you might get that from?......yeah, I think your dad!

Last Saturday, we went a registered for you at Babies R Us. I tried not to overwhelm your dad too much with all the babies gadgets and gizmos! Some stuff was super cute and some of it is just so so cheesy and not our style at all. I was a little surprised too that your dad and I have different tastes in some of it, but in the end, I think I heard him say "I'll just have to learn to accept all the PINK!" Ha! I have never really been a pink person either, but when you throw in oranges and yellows and fun prints, I can't help but get excited to see you in the little clothes or wrapped in the soft blankets!

Just like with the pink thing, I am sure having you in my life will change many more things about me, but in the best ways! I know my life will be so much richer because of it. That being your mom and knowing you will make me a better person, sister, daughter, and friend. I look forward to all that YOU will teach ME! I love you so much Ellie girl!



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