Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mission: master that dang "hooter hider!"

or get very comfortable breastfeeding in public WITHOUT a cover!!

It would seem the girl pretty much loathes having her head covered when she eats and after hearing her cry that "frustrated P.O'd at the world" cry today (now for the 2nd time whilst trying to use the H.H.) I am almost, ALMOST willing to just go for it.....

This coming from the girl (me) who wouldn't even change in the locker room in school growing up because she was so modest.....

Apparently that's changing, since I have now also blogged about my boobies!

Yes, I just went there!

Keeping it real Internet friends, just keeping real!

(she is SO worth it!)


  1. Oh Hollie friend you crack me up! It may just take her a minute to get used to it....I'm sure by the end of your breastfeeding time you'll have lots of stories to share about where you had to feed the little Miss! Love ya :)

  2. Oh bring it girl!!!! LOVE the honesty and frankness! LOVE IT!!

  3. none of mine liked their heads covered....i bet they wondered why mommy was always trying to put a blanket over their head when they just wanted to eat! I kinda liked just going off by myself somewhere...it gave me an excuse to just sit and watch them in wonder. i miss that.