Monday, March 15, 2010

letters to my daughter: Week 3

Dear Ellie June,

Week 3 of your life was such a great week! Your Grandma Lida came to visit! We had a lot of fun just hanging out and running errands with her. She loves you to pieces, she must have taken at least 150 pictures of you. It was so nice to have her help and just so sweet to watch her with you. Your grandma loves you so much!

This past week you began to stay awake for longer periods of time and it seems like you are starting to focus more. I can't believe how much different you already look from just 3 weeks ago.

Something you've been doing this week that just melts my heart is grabbing on to one of my fingers when you are nursing, I love it!

Speaking of nursing, a funny little story this week was when I was feeding you and your Auntie Grace (she's 3 right now) was with me, she kept saying that your head was going to fill up with milk! I explained to her about how it goes in your tummy, but it was so cute to see how she thought the process worked. I love the innocence and sweetness of a child, I can't wait to hear the things you come up with like that.

We all sent your Auntie Noel off this weekend to Australia, then Mexico City for her YWAM DTS. We will miss her so much and you will be about 7 months old when she gets home. She is such a special lady and I know she will teach you a lot when you get older. She's your mama's best friend!

Girly, we love you so much! More every day! My heart is so full!



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