Thursday, March 11, 2010

the kind of thing only a mother would blog....

Her new trick: blowing out the FRONT of her diaper! How is that even possible?

She may not have pooped in those 3 weeks of lateness still being in utero but she sure is earning that "poop baby" nickname these days!

We love our "poop baby!"

(Speaking of took me about 45 minutes to notice I had a little parting gift all over my hand after yesterdays blowout! Almost makes me wish it smelled a little more so I would be aware of it sooner.....
just waiting for the day it makes it into my hair or on my face and I don't realize it!)


  1. o my goodness...that was totally abby sue! all of her onesies were stained in the front!

  2. Poop baby is the best name ever.