Monday, March 1, 2010

Letters to my daughter: Week 1

Dear baby girl,

The first week with you has been nothing short of wonderful, beautiful and amazing. Your daddy and I just keep saying over and over how blessed and lucky we are. We can stare at you for hours and with each snuggle-fest we fall more in love.

You were born on Sunday morning, the 21st and enjoyed the first 2 1/2 days of your life resting at the Birth Center. We were beyond spoiled with great care, yummy food, and a beautiful environment. Our postpartum midwives Tina, Crystal and Valerie were there to help us out and answer all our questions. You also had quite a few visitors: Noel, my dad and Robin, Zach and Grace, Lynn and Vallie, Grandma Kathy, Jenney, and Garrett, Jami, Michael and Claudine, Lani and Amir, and Kari and Des. You are a very popular little lady!

We came home on Tuesday afternoon and just took turns holding you as you laid on our chests. You are the perfect fit! Your daddy also was so great to get everything all squared away and pick up the house. It was cute. He told me it sure made him appreciate how much I do around the house and also he can see how hard it could be to take care of the household stuff and kids at the same time. He then made me our first dinner at home, which I must say was the best grilled cheese and tomato soup I ever had!

The next few days we just took it super easy, we had a few visitors and also meals brought to us from your Grandma Kathy and Auntie Jenney as well as friends from church. Everyone told us how cute and tiny you are and that you look like your daddy!

Saturday was our first adventure out and about as a family of 3. We just went to Target and got some essentials, like more diapers and wipes since have gone through those very quickly!

One of my favorite memories from the week had to have been on Sunday morning when your dad and I were co-diaper changing you (it's all about teamwork!) and as he was trying to get the baby powder open, it exploded everywhere! Getting all over you and everything! He was quite surprised by it and just could not stop laughing! I am sure we will have more messy moments then we can't even keep count of as the days go on!

The other hot topic of the week, which we discussed and slightly obsessed about at every diaper change was your umbilical was pretty stinky and we were worried maybe it was not doing so well. We debated all through out each day and went back and forth on what we should do. It finally fell off on Sunday morning and we felt so relieved! Just another thing on the list of many to come that we will be overly concerned and worried about when we most likely don't need to be. It's amazing what being a parent brings out in you. I am so thankful though for every moment! You are a such a precious thing to us and we just care so much about you.

We took you to church on Sunday and you were quite the attraction there as well. I can't really say I heard much of the service because I was so distracted by checking on you constantly! We are so glad you are finally here.

We have taken to calling you Turtle now because when you lay on our chests, you have your moments when your stretch your neck and you look just like little turtle peeking out of your shell and checking the world out.

There is so much more I could say about our first week with you, I could go on and on, I will simply end with this are AMAZING sweet girl. We are so glad you have come into our lives and we will love you forever!



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